Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions related to various different aspects of the BIS degree. Please click on the individual question to view the answer.

SEO Questions

How do I submit my SEO?

Using your university email account, create a new email addressed to: In the subject line of your email, you should indicate that this is a SEO submission. In the body of your email, you should include a brief message indicating the purpose of your email. Lastly, include your name in the body of the email and attach the file containing your combined SEO and rationale. The attached file should be titled with your unique Miami ID, followed by _seo.doc or _seo.pdf (depending on the type of file you are submitting). SEOs should be submitted by 12pm on the last Thursday of the month in order to be reviewed by at the monthly meeting.

Who reviews the SEO?

SEOs are reviewed by the SEO Petition and Review Committee (SPRC). This committee is made up of faculty charged with ensuring that approved SEOs will meet BIS degree requirements, university graduation requirements, and that the students program of study will help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

How often does the SPRC meet to review SEOs and petitions?

The SPRC meets 2-3 times each fall and spring semester. Contact or your BIS instructor for the meeting dates and submission deadlines.

When does my SEO need to be accepted?

Your SEO needs to be submitted in order to be eligible to pass BIS 201, accepted to be eligible to pass BIS 301, and accepted before you can enroll in BIS 401.

What happens if my SEO is rejected?

Historically, anywhere between 30-50% of SEOs are rejected the first time they are reviewed by the SPRC. A rejected SEO simply means that the student may need to fix a course overlap, address a problem that might interfere with that student graduating on time, or that the student will need to address particular questions/comments and resubmit their SEO. A rejected SEO is fairly common and, as long as the student has addressed the SPRC's comments in their revision, the student can resubmit their SEO for review. Ideally, students should have an approved SEO by the time they complete BIS 201; however, students are only required to have an accepted SEO by the time they complete BIS 301 (this is also a prerequisite for enrolling in BIS 401).

Can I make changes to my SEO after it has been approved?

Yes, but do keep in mind that any changes to your SEO will need to adhere to the BIS degree requirements and avoid course overlaps. Most changes to an approved SEO can simply be done by completing a petition form, but significant change may necessitate a full review.

I want to change one class in one of my concentrations. What do I do?

Fill out the petition form and update your SEO and rationale to reflect the change you're asking for (note the change with the word "petition" next to it on the SEO). Send both documents to with a cover email that explains what you're trying to do.

I want to change my second concentration from Organizational Leadership to Child Development. What do I do?

Fill out the petition form and update your SEO and rationale to reflect the change you're asking for. Send both documents to with a cover email that explains what you're trying to do.

I want to change thematic sequences but already have an approved SEO. Do I need to resubmit my SEO?

No, but you will want to ask a BIS faculty advisor to make sure your new thematic sequence will not create overlap problems with your approved concentrations.

What fields of study make up the BIS concentrations?

Our concentrations page has the current list of all concentrations available in the BIS program. There are 14 pre-designed concentrations and the option to self-design your own concentration. Each student combines work from two different concentrations as part of the degree.

Course Questions 

Will I need to take classes on the Oxford Campus?

All courses required to fulfill BIS degree requirements with any concentration are available at regional campus locations. Some students choose to take courses on the Oxford campus in order to expand their scheduling options or course selections, but most BIS students do not.

I can't decide on a thematic sequence. How do I know which ones are available on the regional campuses?

We keep an updated list of the thematic sequences available on the regional campuses, click on the link to view the list.

I know which thematic sequence I want, but it doesn't show up on my DAR. What do I do?

To declare your thematic sequence, send an email or your faculty advisor.

Degree Questions

Do I already need to have an associate degree to join the BIS program?

No, students must earn a minimum of 45 credit hours prior to enrolling in BIS 201 or declaring BIS as their major.

How many credit hours do I need to complete for the BIS degree?

Depending on your catalog year, you need 124 or 128 credits to complete a Miami degree.

Transfer Credit

Will my previous coursework transfer?

For information on transfer credits consult the One Stop.