CJS Students visit The Fringe

Inside one of the rooms of The Fringe Coffee House
A wall with book covers inside The Fringe Coffee House
A wall with artwork on it at The Fringe Coffee House
 A hand painted wall inside The Fringe Coffee House with 2 men wearing crowns.
A painted photo of Johnny Cash.
The staircase at The Fringe Coffee House with pages from books lining the bottom on the stairs.
 Students standing in a room looking around.
 A man standing in front of a hand painted mural on the wall.
A hand painted mural of a police officer sitting with another person with their feet in a small kiddie pool.
A painting of a silhouette of a girl chasing a red balloon.
 Students standing in a group at The Fringe Coffee House.

Students of CJS 451, Comparative Justice Systems, visited The Fringe in Hamilton. A new coffee shop in Hamilton, The Fringe is owned by two ex-felons who are committed to employing and providing reentry support for other ex-felons. The students found a beautiful space, full of awesome art conveying messages of hope. One of the owners, Patrick Davis, generously gave them an hour of his time. He shared his personal story and detailed how they intend to help others.