Undergraduate Research: Abby Brown and Meena Bansal

Professor Janet marshall talks to students about food chemistry.
 Abby and Meena stand in front of the poster they created when presenting their research project.
 Students in lab synthesizing indigo.
 Students perform UV-VIS spectrophotometric analysis.
 Four members of the MUM Geology Club stand in front of their information table at GeoFair.
Senior Abby Brown and junior Meena Bansal recently presented the results of their research project at Miami's Undergraduate Research Forum held at the Oxford campus on April 26, 2017.  Abby and Meena developed a new organic chemistry lab "Fischer Esterification Utilizing Benchtop NMR" under the guidance of faculty members, Dr. Janet Marshall and Mr. Howard Vail.  Organic chemistry students on the Middletown campus recently ran this experiment, where each student synthesized an "unknown" ester and used picoSpin NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) to determine the structure of his/her product.