About Honors at Miami Regionals

A group of honor students with Dr. Jennifer Yamashiro

The University Honors Program (UHP) is a community of bright, highly-motivated students looking to push themselves as intellectuals and individuals; outstanding alumni who are making a difference around the world; exemplary faculty who have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and advising; and a dedicated staff whose mission is student success.

For Honors students, the UHP is more than a prestigious title and additional requirements. It is having unparalleled opportunities to work side-by-side with our best professors on cutting edge research, travel to the far reaches of the globe to put theory into practice, and develop exhilarating projects that create new knowledge and may even change the world. It is a network of intelligent peers, connected through Honors courses and residence halls. Honors at Miami challenges students to develop their full potential by collaborating with dedicated advisers and faculty members to design individualized Honors Program paths that best support their intellectual, academic, personal, and professional growth and development.

Imagination and Possibility

Portrait of young boy looking directly at viewer, smiling. From off-left, small white balls are being poured into his ear. At the other side, a hand is holding a glass jar to catch toy cars that are pouring out of boy's other ear."In one ear and out the other" is a phrase often used to indicate that someone has not listened or understood what was said to them. However, Jon Yamashiro uses it to evoke imagination and possibility. His image suggests that what a person hears is interpreted, molded, and changed by the brain. An audience may hear the same message, but reach different conclusions and set different goals. This connects strongly to the Honors Program where students use the many opportunities at Miami University to create paths that best support their intellectual, academic, personal, and professional growth and development.