Student Testimonials

A student sitting in class taking notes.
Recent Honors Program graduate Blake Dunbar at commencement.
 A student working in the science lab with a pipet.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity, and please let regional students know that they are just as worthy as an honors student than any other student. Remind students that it does matter where they come from. Where they want to go and how they choose to get there is far more important however."

Sarah Matthews
Psychology, 2015

"To graduate with Honors is more than simply a "title." Graduating with Honors means a permanent connection to a deeper and more meaningful learning experience facilitated through generous collaboration and intrinsic reflection. For me, Honors has been a deeply fulfilling experience."

Patrick Adams
Kinesiology, 2014

 "I am so grateful for this program. It has opened so many opportunities for me and let me establish lasting relationships. I would go through all the hard work one hundred times over if it meant having the kind of experience I had."

Terra Collins
Sociology 2014

"The Miami Honors Programs gives you an opportunity to broaden your education beyond the classroom and the joy of reflecting and knowing that in such a place, you led such a life."

Kofi Ansah
Zoology, 2014

"Graduating from Miami University with Honors means accomplishing something I never knew I would and that with hard work, great accomplishments are possible."

Briana Blanchard
Art Education, 2014

"To me, graduating with Honors means I went above and beyond what I had to do in order to get a college degree. I am very glad I joined the University Honors Program and I am excited to graduate from the program."

Heather Roth
Psychology, 2013

"I viewed the honors program as motivation to achieve something besides just graduating. I never had a doubt that I would achieve a bachelor’s degree, but the honors program helped make the experience mean more."

Eric May
Mechanical Engineering, 2013

"As a student who struggled academically throughout my primary and secondary school years, I believe graduating with Honors really demonstrate how much I grown during my time at Miami. Being able to have this distinction allows myself and my family to recognize the hard work and commitment I made to become a better student."