A student sitting in class taking notes.
Recent Honors Program graduate Blake Dunbar at commencement.
 A student working in the science lab with a pipet.

The University Honors Program (UHP) encourages students to imagine and develop their own learning paths. To choose challenging educational experiences inside and outside the classroom that lead them to personal success. The UHP seeks students who push themselves to develop as scholars, mature as leaders, and grow as individuals.

Honors students enhance their general education requirements—called the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education—by engaging in a variety of additional learning experiences that enhance this liberal education curriculum. Students individually tailor their experiences to meet program requirements and that with their interests and goals.

As a benefit to being apart of the University Honors program there are No Membership Fees.

Transcript Notation

Students earn Honors notation on their transcripts and in the graduation program if they also achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Program Requirements

The University Honors Program requires students to complete eight (8) Honors Experience over the course of their undergraduate studies. 

Eight (8) Honors Experiences (must include two Honors Courses)

Honors Experiences* include the following:

  • University Honors courses (the UHP offers 10+ courses on the Regional Campuses and 60+ courses in Oxford each semester.
  • Honors Course Extensions (students earn Honors Experience credit in any Miami course by developing additional coursework, with faculty mentorship, that further explores that course's content) 
  • Independent Research (any faculty-mentored research in which students engage)
  • Internships and pre-professional learning opportunities
  • Significant philanthropic, creative, teaching, or leadership projects
  • Study Abroad (during any Miami term)

*Students petition all Honors Experiences, except for University Honors courses.

Optional Requirements

Honors with Distinction

During their final undergraduate years, Honors students have the option to pursue Honors with Distinction. This achievement requires the proposal, development, and completion of a large-scale project or an intensive pre-professional experience. Students are encouraged to use their Honors Experiences (see above) to prepare and complete this requirement.