What Our Students Say

A bunch of words in the shape of a circle with the words TRIO, Coach and Helpful being the biggest and smaller words around.

“I've had the privilege of getting to know my academic coach the past year through our bi-weekly meetings and she's helped me in so many ways whether that be keeping me in check with my goals or supporting and offering advice about my aspirations of grad school.”

   - Lydia, Junior, Anthropology

“The insight into questions I had regarding career services, financial aid and tutoring. Every time I met with my TRIO Academic Coach I learned valuable information and felt much better about my academic standing.”

   - Tracey, Graduate, Class of 2017

"Everything about TRIO helped me."

     - Brittany, Sophomore, Criminal Justice

"Being able to vent about classes and knowing I wasn't all alone and not the only one struggling."

    - Janie, Senior, Integrated English Language Arts Education

"Keeping me on schedule and always having a game plan for the semester and next semester, and having someone to talk to about college stuff in general."

   - Jeff, Sophomore, Political Science

“My TRIO Academic Coach always seems to know the next step. The hardest thing for me is taking the first few steps, I often don't know how to start. My academic coach always knows where to start.”

   - Cody, Sophomore, Nonprofit and Community Studies

“The most helpful thing was always knowing that someone was there to support me throughout my college career. Whether I asked for help or not, I always knew that help was always there.”

   - Maryah, Graduate, Class of 2017

“Everything was helpful, the overall assistance while I was busy with 20 credit hours.”

   - Cain, Graduate, Class of 2017

“My TRIO Academic Coach would give me the honest truth about some situations, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear, but I needed to.”

   - Maryah, Graduate, Class of 2017

“My academic coach helped me with all my questions, helped me in my stressed out crying fits, and has been nothing but amazing to me. She is the reason why I have had the best semester ever while attending Miami. I struggled my first 2 years with motivation and not having enough confidence in myself. I tried new study plans and keeping up with my syllabus and worked hard to get better grades. I am so proud of myself for this award that was given to me by my academic coach. Hard work pays off!!!”

- Ciara, Graduate, Class of 2017