Nick and MaryKate Roberts

Nick and MaryKate Roberts in their graduation attire.

MaryKate and Nick are recent 2016 graduates of Miami Regionals. MaryKate earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Education and Family Studies, and an Associate's degree in Pre-Kindergarten Education. Nick earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. They have had quite the academic and personal journey. MaryKate was home schooled throughout her K-12 years, making the entrance to college a challenge. However, with the help of Jane Lee, the prior Admissions Director, she was accepted. She also received tutoring from the Tutoring & Learning Center to help her through some tough courses and was quite active in student organizations around campus. Nick received tutoring from the Tutoring & Learning Center throughout his college career as well, which helped him improve several course grades from B's to A's. Nick is now the Assistant Manager over Asset Protection at a local Target store, and MaryKate works as a preschool teacher. While in college, they both worked part-time, got married, had a child, bought a house and car, and adopted two dogs. Now, just two years out of college, they have paid off all of their student loans and car, had another baby, bought a new car, and are saving for retirement and a new home.

When MaryKate was asked what role the TLC played in her academic career, she replied, "The Tutoring & Learning Center helped by teaching me the skills I needed to be successful in college, like time management and organization skills, not to mention how to study for tests." Nick responded to the same question by saying that the TLC taught him the skills to earn the A's he wanted in certain classes.