Haleigh Lamb

My name is: Haleigh Lamb 

My graduating year: 2025

My major is: Criminal Justice

What is your title in the TLC? I am a Student Assistant and Certified Testing Proctor.

What services do you provide for the TLC? I greet all people entering our TLC office on the Hamilton Campus. I answer phone calls and emails. I serve the Faculty, Staff, and Students to the best of my ability. I proctor Placement Tests.

Three facts I would like to share: 

What student organizations do you particpate in:

My goals after college? 

Some of my achievements are: 

I would describe myself as: 

My personal motto is: 

I admire:

If I could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?:

What is a typical day like?: 

What is a secret talent of mine?: