Placement Testing

What is Placement Testing?

Miami University Regionals prides itself on “meeting you where you are.” If math, writing, or critical reading have been an obstacle for you in the past, we have special courses and supports available to help you conquer them. Placement tests are one tool that we use to find out “where you are” and what we can do to best support you as a student. 

All first-time college students matriculating to Miami University Regionals must have placement scores on file before registering for their first semester of college courses. Students may submit ACT or SAT scores as part of the application process, or can take our free placement tests. Further, students who do not feel that their current ACT or SAT scores are an accurate reflection of their abilities can elect to take our free placement tests. 

Transfer students only take placement tests on the recommendation of their academic advisor after discussing their degree goals and prior coursework in an initial advising appointment. 

Continuing students who change their major sometimes need to change their math pathway, and after consultation with an academic advisor, will need to take the math placement test. 

CCP students who want to take a math course as part of their Miami University Regionals coursework will need to take the math placement test. 

How Do I Schedule Placement Testing?

All first-time college students register for placement testing as part of their new student checklist. We offer placement testing both in person and virtually. 

Transfer students and Continuing students register for placement testing through a link provided to them by their academic advisor.  

CCP students register for placement testing through a link provided to them by admissions or their academic advisor. 

How Can I Prepare for Placement Testing? 

Regionals Canvas Placement Testing Site

You can self-enroll in the Regionals Canvas Placement Testing Site through the link. There is not cost to enroll in this site. You should visit the site and complete practice tests at least 72 hours prior to scheduled placement test.

  • The reading test preparation on this site provides you with strategy tips as well as a practice passage and questions.
  • The writing test preparation provides general information, practice prompts, a sample essay, and an invitation to submit your writing though the site to be evaluated by our wiring specialist who will provide you with helpful feedback.
  • The math test preparation provides information and access to practice for the two types of math placement that are used by Miami Regionals.