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Backpack Math Success

The TLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your math goals through our tutoring program, but we also recognize that math is a subject that requires a lot of practice. Sometimes, in a college math class, your professor will say, “I’m sure you all know how to do this already.” And sometimes, much to your concern, you realize that “you all” does not include you! 

ALEKS PPL, an Artificial Intelligence product from McGraw Hill, is a tool designed to assess your current mathematics knowledge in relation to the math classes offered at Miami University Regionals. ALEKS PPL gives you one year’s access to a personalized learning plan meant to assist you in mastering both past and current math topics. Because you have one year’s access, you can also continue to use ALEKS PPL as a supplement to the mathematics classes that you enroll in for two semesters of college. ALEKS PPL access costs $15 and is self-paid during the online McGraw Hill registration process. If you are a new or transfer student, you might use ALEKS for placement purposes. Please do not register for an ALEKS account using this link for a placement test.  

Register for an ALEKS PPL Account

pencil.svg Writing Success

The TLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your writing goals through tutoring and online writing consultations, but we also recognize that sometimes you are in the middle of an assignment and need to know something now. We recommend consulting the online resources provided by the Howe Writing Center in Oxford. 

Howe Writing Center Resources

Phone General Student Success

The TLC provides peer mentoring to help you develop student success skills in things like note taking, time management, and course organization. Since we live in a digital world, and many of us always have our phones close by, you might be interested in downloading some of these Apps recommended by our mentors. 

Flashcard and Quiz Apps

Quizlet allows you to use your study guides and your notes to create free practice quizzes and flashcards for your courses that can be shared with your classmates. Creating quizzes forces you to organize and synthesize what you’ve learned. 

Mind Map and Graphic Organizer Apps

The free version of Whimsical allows you to use up to 1,000 objects at the same time and provides tons of tools to customize a functional and visually engaging graphic organizer. You can share your mind maps with other students and invite them to help you edit your work.

Phone Anti-Distraction Apps

AntiSocial is an App that helps you to manage the time you spend goofing off on your phone. This App can help you kick the habit of being frequently distracted by programs like Twitter, Youtube, or phone games.

Productivity Apps

Pomodor is an App that facilitates the very effective time management system called the Pomodoro Method. The method helps keep you on task once you’ve started working by setting blocks of focus interspersed with time blocks of breaks.

Tasklist and Planner Apps

Students often try to rely on the “To Do List” in their Canvas feed, which often leads to poor planning and procrastination. Remember the Milk is a straightforward program that allows users to create and color-code task lists, complete with due dates and estimates of the amount of time each task will take. These lists can be shared with others and  synced to your Google Calendar. If you are motivated by gamified Apps, then try Habitica. Playing with your friends could significantly enhance your motivation if regular task lists don't work for you.

Note Taking Apps

You might already be familiar with Evernote, which you can access through your Miami Google account. You can organize articles, notes, PDFs, and more into separate “notebooks.” Another handy tool is the Adobe Scan which turns your phone into a scanner. 

Have you tried any of these apps already? Know other apps that work better, or just have suggestions? Feel free to contact us with your thoughts at