TLC Courses

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ENG 007 Fundamentals of Writing"

(3 non-degree credit hours, pass/fail)
ENG 007 is a one-semester course that meets students at their level of need, preparing them for ENG 111. Instruction in ENG 007 includes a multiple-step approach to the essay-writing process: prewriting, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing. A variety of formal essays is assigned, including a light introduction to MLA-style research writing. Class work is frequently student-centered. Students are encouraged to transfer writing skills to assignments in other courses. To earn three credits, students must pass the course with a final grade of C (75%). Students are graded on essays and homework, and in some cases tests and quizzes; class participation and attendance can also be factors. Keyboarding proficiency and access to a computer are expected. Students who dispute their ENG 007 placement will have the option during the first week of classes of composing a Writer’s Profile for evaluation. Any student who places out of ENG 007 can be referred to another composition course.

ENG 104/105 Writing Studio

(1 credit hour, graded)
Writing Studio is a late-start, graded, one credit-hour writing workshop that meets once a week for 65 minutes to work on assignments in ENG 111 and other writing-intensive classes. Students collaborate among themselves in small groups with direction from the instructor to discover ways to develop, revise, and edit their writing. Students’ responsibilities include submitting their drafts-in-progress, participating in small groups to offer and receive writing advice, and completing ENG 104/105 work, as assigned. Each workshop is limited to eight students. ENG 104 and 105 are interchangeable: students can enroll in either and can take the other course in a future semester. The course also benefits students enrolled in highly-competitive majors.

College Reading

EDT 002 College Reading

(3 non-degree credit hours, credit/no credit)
This course teaches reading as a thinking process to improve understanding of written material. Instruction focuses on applying effective reading/thinking strategies to increasingly difficult reading material, addressing effective vocabulary and reading study skills including synthesis, evaluation, and argumentation.

ENG 151 Critical Reading

(3 credit hours, graded)
ENG 151 is a graded course that is designed to improve critical reading skills for students from all levels of reading ability. The course aims to improve skills in identifying and analyzing ideas, evaluating support, strengthening vocabulary, evaluating significance, drawing conclusions, making inferences and understanding meaning through context.


MTH 025 Algebra for Precalculus

(5 credit hours, graded)
A study of algebra topics which are background knowledge for Precalculus. Topics include linear equations in one and two variables, polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, quadratics, and an introduction to functions.

MTH 049 Math Literacy

(4 credit hours, graded)
Math Literacy for College Students is a one-semester course for students whose programs do not require Precalculus or Calculus. The emphasis is on active learning, applications, and context. Students work in groups daily, with very limited lecture time. Topics include numeracy, unit conversion, problem-solving, data analysis, pattern recognition, mathematical reasoning, linear, exponential and quadratic models, and basic statistics. MTH 049 is designed to be accessible to students that struggle with the abstract nature of algebra. The successful student will be well-prepared for STA 261 and MTH 119, as well as non-majors science courses that have traditionally required completion of an algebra course.

ELL Writing Courses

ENG 108 Culture & Composition L2 Writers

(4 credit hours, graded)
This course is designed for students who need further work in English before enrolling in ENG 109 or ENG111. This course may not fill the Global Miami Plan requirement in English composition, but may be used as a Global Perspective course for international students.

ENG 109 College Composition

(4 credit hours, graded)
This course for non-native speakers is an adaptation of English 111 that fulfills the Global Miami Plan requirement.
This graded course focuses on developing the rhetorical and analytical skills necessary to produce effective writing at the college level including the principles of organization and style as well as strategies to sharpen critical thinking, reading, writing, revising and editing skills.

Study Skills

EDT110r College Study Skills

(2 credit hours, graded)
College Study Skills is designed to teach study skills such as reading, note taking from texts and lectures, organizing and composing, goal setting, self-evaluation and other necessary skills for students to function effectively at Miami University.
This two credit hour graded course encourages students to develop an awareness of their thought processes, study behaviors and learning strategies.