Kim Johnson

My name is: Kim Johnson

My graduating year:  From life-NEVER!

My major is: My major problem??? I love shoes!!!!

English as a Second Language

Three facts I would like to share: I love to read and chat about literature. As a former flight attendant, traveling is a want and need with me, and I also plan the next journey while on the current one. So little     time, so may places.

My goals after college? To write a novella and learn Spanish. My largest goal is to visit all 7 continents.

Some of my achievements are: I have been able to continue my musical career which started at the age of 6. My parents invested time and money for piano lessons, and I thank them for this.

I would describe myself as: Outgoing and with sarcastic humor

My personal motto is: In the whole scheme of things...does it really matter?

Who do you admire and why?: Neil deGrasse Tyson-He brings astrophysics to a level a non-science person can understand. Dr. Tyson is also a wonderful speaker!

If you would meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?: Charles Barkley-He CRACKS me up! Humor has me at the first laugh.

What is your typical day like?: When my husband is home, he brings me coffee in bed. My dogs cuddle with me until 7. After that, well, I have never uttered "I am bored" or "I have nothing to do." I am constantly thinking of activities to complete during the day. BUT, I hit the wall about 8. Poke me, I am done.

What is a secret talent of yours?: I sense the needs of others before they ask. Weird, I know.