Olivia Gronvall

Olivia GronvallMy name is: Olivia Gronvall

My graduating year: 2022

My major is: University Studies (planning to take English Studies)

I tutor: EGS 215

             ENG 111


Three facts I would like to share: My hobby has been trying to learn how to make digital art. This semester, my favorite class has been ENG 122, where we have been reading and analyzing fairy tales. My grandfather immigrated from Sweden to America. My dream is to visit Sweden someday.

My goals after college: Right now my goals are to find a stable job and live close to my family. I want to have a career that has something to do with writing. One that I am best fit for, spiritually and ability wise.

Some of my achievements are: I won second place for a charcoal drawing in a Bob Jones University Art Competition. I've been a semifinalist twice in Eber & Wein Publishing poetry competition and had my prospective entries published in a book. I worked on my high school 2018 yearbook as a writer and editor.

I would describe myself as: I am a thoughtful, kind, and articulate person.

My personal motto is: Do all things unto the Lord.

The person I would like to meet is: I would like to meet the Japanese animator and director, Hayao Miyazaki. I love his films and art style and I consider him to be one of the best artists and filmmakers in the world. I also admire his unique perspective on life, such as taking the time to appreciate the little things.