Pandemics in Historical Perspective: An Online Panel Discussion

Monday, October 26, 7 p.m.

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The Michael J. Colligan History Project and The Menard Family Center for Democracy proudly present Pandemics in Historical Perspective: An Online Panel Discussion.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic on a scale not seen for more than a century. Beyond its human toll, it has brought economic chaos, social change and huge burdens on everyday life.

And yet we’ve been here before. From cholera to Spanish flu to coronavirus, global pandemics are the great forgotten saga of history, reshaping society in their deadly wake. 

Join us for a lively online panel focusing on historical perspectives; the challenges of the current crisis; and building stronger, more resilient communities as we learn from these difficult times. 

  • How did past generations cope with the experience of pandemics? 
  • What lessons can be drawn at the community level? 
  • What are the prospects for economic recovery, cultural reinvention and civic leadership?

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Matthew Smith

Dr. Matthew Smith, Michael J. Colligan History Project (moderator)

Susan Spellman

Dr. Susan Spellman, Miami University Regionals

Dr. Jim Harris

Dr. Jim Harris, The Ohio State University

Ian MacKenzie-Thurley

Mr. Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, Executive Director, Fitton Center for Creative Arts

Joshua Smith

Mr. Joshua Smith, City Manager (City of Hamilton)

Kathy Creighton

Ms. Kathy Creighton, Executive Director, Butler County Historical Society