Harry T. Wilks Distinguished Lecture Series

Collage of Wilks Lecture speakers: Michio Kaku, 2011, Byron Pitts, 2016, Eleanor Clift, 2010, and Mario Cuomo 1998.

About the Harry T. Wilks Distinguished Lecture Series

The Harry T. Wilks Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Issues and Current Events was endowed by the late Harry T. Wilks, a prominent Hamilton lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist. Learn more about the history of The Harry T. Wilks Distinguished Lecture Series.

Since its inaugural lecture in 1998, the series has brought many people of national and global significance to Miami University's Hamilton campus, including presidential candidates, political commentators, Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalists, celebrated scientists, and more. See a list of past speakers.

Photo credit: Mario Cuomo by David Berkowitz. 

2019 Speaker

John KasichWednesday, November 13 | 7:00 pm
Hamilton Campus, Parrish Auditorium
1601 University Blvd. Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Former Ohio Governor and New York Times bestselling author John Kasich shares his reflections on business, government, and the power of individuals to affect change at every level. Corporations, communities, and citizens are the currency of change. Kasich believes it’s up to the American people to lead change from the bottom up. Beyond party lines, the onus for restoring the heart and soul of America is on us. Taking a page from his new book It’s Up To Us: Ten Little Ways We Can Bring About Big Change, Kasich explores the human spirit as a driver of change in a national environment fraught with cynicism.