Business Services/Cashier's Office: Faculty and Staff

Exterior of the Middletown Campus
 Exterior of the archway in Hamilton

Under the supervision of Chris Connell, Senior Director of Administration, Business Services acts as a steward of Miami University Regionals' human, fiscal and physical resources. The Cashier's Office is the center for all financial transactions on the Hamilton and Middletown campuses.


Students, faculty, and staff must display current parking permits on their vehicles when parking on any of Miami University’s campuses. Short-term, temporary permits are available at the Cashier's offices at both regional campuses. Learn more about parking for faculty and staff.

ID Cards

ID Cards are issued by Technology Services. Go to 304 Mosler Hall (Hamilton) or 1 Gardner-Harvey (Middletown). To replace a lost or stolen card, a $20 fee will be charged and may be paid in the Cashier's Office before a replacement card can be issued.

Student Employment

Information about student employment may be found on the Miami University Human Resources website.


  • Hamilton: New hires should contact either their department chair/coordinator or faculty admin personnel to order a key. Be sure to bring your Banner Plus number and room number information with you. While your key is on order a security staff member (785-3222).
  • Middletown: New hires should visit the Business Services/Cashier's Office and complete a form to request a key. Be sure to bring your Banner Plus number and room number information with you. While your key is on order a security staff member (727-3333).


Hamilton: Mailboxes for faculty are located at the Information Desk on the first floor of Mosler Hall.

Middletown: Mailroom personnel deliver mail to faculty support areas and administrative offices once per day. The mailroom is located at 24 Johnston Hall.

University Vehicles 

  1. Use of campus vehicles must be strictly controlled. University-owned vehicles may only be used for official purposes. Student organizations and sports clubs should not be allowed to use these vehicles unless they are driven by a university employee.

  2. All drivers of university vehicles check out from your central pool must present a valid driver’s license each time they take out a vehicle. Licenses should be checked and recorded by appropriate staff personnel.

  3. Student workers who drive 12 passenger vans, minivans, SUVs or trucks, whether owned or rented, must have completed the appropriate online training offered through the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

  4. Use of university-owned vehicles should be limited to local travel. Local travel is defined as 100 miles or less, roundtrip. Travel exceeding 100 miles is more economical to rent a car from Enterprise. For Sports Team travel, check with the business office to determine the most economical use (and document any exceptions). Travelers going outside the local area should utilize the IUC-PG/State contract with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

  5. Students—unless a  student worker—are not permitted to drive a university vehicle.

Kronos Access

To log on to Kronos go to myMiami and choose the appropriate link.

Travel and Expenses

Note: Before traveling, each faculty or staff member must obtain approval to use travel funds for his/her chair, coordinator or supervisor. Check to see if a travel authorization form is necessary before planning your trip.

Go to the Travel and Expense Module at the Accounts Payable website.

Per diem rates.


  • Campus departments that collect money must deposit it at the Cashier's Office. Deposits should be prepared in the following manner:
  • Checks should be stamped with the campus restrictive endorsement along with departmental stamp.
  • Checks, currency, rolled coins and other forms of payment should be totaled.
  • a deposit transmittal form must be completed and must accompany the deposit.

Contact Us

Hamilton: 102 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3162.

Middletown: 114 J Johnston Hall, 513-727-3321