Faculty Unhinged Hamilton

collage of students, faculty and staff in lively conversations about hot topics

Join us for lively conversations on hot topics facilitated by faculty, staff and local community members. 
Free lunch provided.


Faculty Unhinged Hamilton
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Date Topic/Title Facilitator
Wednesday, February 5 Women Helping Women: Helping ALL Survivors Hannah Kuethe Wayman
Wednesday, February 12 What's Wrong With You? Jackie Phillips
Wednesday, February 19 Who Needs Partners: Choosing Single Parenthood Dr. Moira Casey
Wednesday, February 26 Census 101 Briefing Carolyn Tepe
Wednesday, March 4 "I Served My Time, Now Society Owes Me!" Dr. Jessica Warner
Wednesday, March 11 Just Get Over It? Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Our Lives La Shanda Sugg
Wednesday, March 18 Is ADHD and Autism Overly Diagnosed? Karen Yates
Wednesday, March 25 Spring Break (No Discussion)
Wednesday, April 1 Weaknesses of the Gender Binary C.N Harrison
Wednesday, April 8 The 6th Extinction: Uh oh. Sue Sepela
Wednesday, April 15 Religious Diversity in Higher Education Tarah Trueblood
Wednesday, April 22 BIG OIL Roscoe Wilson
Wednesday, April 29 The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime Stacey Roberts