Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate Program

Co-Ccurricular Regional Leadership CertificateThe Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA) is the hub for leadership development at Miami University Regionals and plays a central role in creating a culture of leadership on our regional campuses. Participation in the Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate develops cross-cultural and transformational leadership in Miami students to ensure graduates are prepared and inspired to grow and lead beyond the university. The programs, initiatives, and opportunities provided by the Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate are guided by core values of student-centeredness, collaboration, authenticity, professionalism, inclusion, and values.

The Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate is a non-credit bearing certificate that will not appear on a student’s DAR.

Daisy Rodriguez

Graduate Student Spotlight

Name: Daisy Rodriguez

Major: Student Affairs in Higher Education, 2nd Year

School: Miami University

About Me: I am originally from sunny California where I earned two Bachelor degrees in Public Administration and Political Science with the option of Legal Studies while earning my paralegal certificate. I also have a cute puppy named Charlie who loves to play and go on walks.