Outline for Student Organization Constitutions

Article I Official Name of the Student Organization

Article II Purpose of Organization

Briefly describe the purpose and mission of the organization. Is it fostering a broad educational goal? Is it a social, cultural, or political organization? Why was the group founded?

Article III Membership

List the requirements for membership including whether or not there are dues, meeting attendance requirements, event attendance requirements, how to achieve voting status, who is eligible to have voting status, and the Miami statement of non-discrimination:

"The organization strongly opposes and will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, or expression, genetic information, military status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or protected veteran status in its activities, programs, admission, and employment. This prohibition extends to harassment or discrimination, based on the protected status listed above, including the creation of an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working, educational, or living environment. Membership is open to all students on campus regardless of the number of credits a student is carrying; To be a member of the organization a student, grad student, faculty or staff member must be registered on The Hub Membership within the organization may encompass individuals from the outside community, however no less than 75% of the total membership must be currently enrolled students at Miami University; and, only currently enrolled Miami University students can hold officer positions in the organization. You must be currently enrolled in at least one course with Miami University."

Explain types of membership (active, honorary, associate, etc.) if applicable and the privileges of each.

Article IV Officers and Duties of Officers

List the titles and specific duties and responsibilities of each officer position. Organizations are required to have a President and a Treasurer. The Treasurer must be in compliance with all treasurer training. Officers must be a Miami student.

Article V Nomination, Election and Installation of Officers

Specify the procedures for nominating, electing and installing officers. Define voter eligibility and specify the frequency and general time frame for elections in the organization. You may include a section to explain standing committees’ responsibilities, and a method of selection of chairpersons and members (i.e. vote, appointment, etc.).

Article VI Removal and Replacement of Officers and Members

Specify the procedures and criteria to remove and replace officers and members in the organization.

Article VII Advisor

An organization advisor must work on campus as faculty, staff, or graduate assistants. Organizations may have community members or alumni who serve in an advisor role for their organizations, but organizations are still required to also maintain an advisor who works on campus as faculty, staff, or graduate students. Outline the procedure for selection the advisor. Include expectation and role of the advisor. Do not include the name of the advisor. Designate whether or not the advisor has voting privileges in formal business.

Article VIII Meetings

Specify how often the organization will meet.

Article IX Quorum

Define a quorum for the meetings of the organization.

Article X Finances

Specify the source of income/funding for the student organization (fundraising, Funding Allocation Committee, dues, etc.)

Article XI Amendments

Specify the procedures to amend the constitution.

Appendix A. Student Organization Funding Process