Funding Alert System

Research & Sponsored Programs staff review funding announcements from various agencies — governmental and private — on a daily basis. Using the online knowledge management tool Diigo, we share those announcements to various discipline- or topic-specific Diigo groups.  Researchers can access this information in three ways:

  • Visiting a Diigo group gives researchers just-in-time access to funding opp information.
  • Joining a Diigo group (requires set-up of a free Diigo account) allows researchers access to tools that allow them to customize automated alerts through various channels.
  • Subscribing to a Miami University listserv lets researchers receive a weekly e-mail digest of new funding opps added to their group of interest.

View our list of groups to get started.

To view funding opportunity announcements for a group, click on the "Diigo group" link to the right of the group name below. To join a Diigo group or subscribe to a listserv, follow the "How to" directions at left.

  • Aging   Diigo group   listserv
    Biomedical aging processes and sociological issues of aging
  • Agriculture   Diigo group   listserv
    Crop and livestock science
  • Anthropology   Diigo group  listserv
    Allareas of anthropology
  • Architecture   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of architecture
  • Behavior   Diigo group   listserv
    Behavioral and decision science
  • Biomed   Diigo group   listserv
    Life sciences (botany, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology), genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, biomed-related chemistry, and biomedical engineering
  • Cancer   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of cancer research
  • Chemistry   Diigo group   listserv
    All chemistry, except specifically biomed-related chemistry (see Biomed)
  • Child development   Diigo group   listserv
    Child development and early childhood education
  • Computer   Diigo group   listserv
    Computer science or computational science
  • Conservation   Diigo group   listserv
    Conservation of species, habitat, water, and other natural resources
  • Criminal justice   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of criminal justice
  • Diversity and race   Diigo group   listserv
    Identifying and understanding racial, ethnic, and cultural discrimination and disparities among these groups; increasing diversity and participation by traditionally underrepresented racial, ethnic, and cultural groups
  • Economics   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of economics
  • Environmental sustainability   Diigo group   listserv
    Sustainability, global climate and alternative energy
  • Engineering   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of engineering, except biomedical engineering (see OARS funding: Biomed); alternative energy (see Environmental Sustainability); and engineering education (see STEM Education)
  • Family studies   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of family studies
  • Gender and sexuality   Diigo group   listserv
    Identifying and understanding gender discrimination and disparities among genders; identifying and understanding discrimination based on sexual orientation; issues specific to women or to men; LBGT issues; increasing gender and sexual orientation diversity; and increasing participation by traditionally underrepresented genders or sexual orientations
  • Geology and earth science   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of geology and earth science
  • Health   Diigo group   listserv
    Public health; substance abuse and smoking; exercise science; physical fitness and sports; human performance; obesity; health education, promotion, literacy and communication; and dietetics and nutrition
  • History   Diigo group   listserv
    All eras/areas of history
  • Humanities   Diigo group   listserv
    Humanities generally, or broadly, across fields
  • International   Diigo group   listserv
    Funding opportunities that may be of interest to researchers seeking support for international travel and/or cooperation and those who have specific knowledge of and/or experience in non-U.S. environments. PLEASE NOTE: Contact Karla Guinigundo in Miami's Office of International Education if you have questions or need assistance applying for an international program.
  • Language and linguistics   Diigo group   listserv
    Linguistics generally, and in any particular language (English or non-English)
  • Libraries and museums   Diigo group   listserv
    Funding opportunities that may be of interest to researchers who work with/for/in libraries and/or museums
  • Literacy   Diigo group   listserv
    Reading and writing skills and the acquisition thereof. PLEASE NOTE: Funding opportunities related to literacies of specific disciplines (e.g., math literacy, health literacy, music literacy) can be found in the respective groups for those disciplines (e.g., Math, Health, Music).
  • Literature   Diigo group   listserv
    All literatures, regardless of language
  • Management   Diigo group   listserv
    Management, business, and entrepreneurship
  • Materials science   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of materials science, except nanomaterials (see Nanoscience)
  • Math and statistics   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of math and statistical science
  • Media   Diigo group   listserv
    Broadcasting, journalism, multimedia, social, and other media
  • Music and theater   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of music, theater, and other performing arts
  • Nanoscience   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of nanoscience
  • Neuroscience   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of neuroscience
  • Nursing   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of nursing
  • Pedagogy   Diigo group   listserv
    General education, teaching, learning, curriculum development, and distance or online learning. PLEASE NOTE: Funding opps related specifically to special education or specifically to education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can be found in those respective groups (i.e., Special Education or STEM Education)
  • Physics   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of physics, except astrophysics (see Space)
  • Political science   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of political science
  • Psychology and mental health   Diigo group   listserv
    Psychology and the mental health aspects of substance abuse, eating disorders, military service, incarceration, trauma, etc.
  • Sociology   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of sociology, except aging (see Aging)
  • Small business   Diigo group   listserv
    Funding opportunities (particularly SBIR and STTR) that may be of interest to researchers working with business/industry partners
  • Space   Diigo group   listserv
    Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and related fields
  • Special education   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of special education
  • STEM education   Diigo group   listserv
    Education in science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM)
  • Students   Diigo group
    Funding opportunities (scholarships, fellowships, etc.) that might be of interest to Miami University graduate and/or undergraduate students
  • Systems   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of systems
  • Visual art   Diigo group   listserv
    All areas of visual art
  • Writing   Diigo group   listserv
    Rhetoric and composition, technical writing, and related fields

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