HawksNest Project Review Criteria

Projects submitted to HawksNest are not reviewed based on their scientific merit alone. The advantage of a crowdfunding platform is that users determine which projects are of sufficient quality to warrant funding. Therefore, projects that meet the following criteria will be approved and published to the site:


  • The project is appropriate for funding requests through this platform.
  • It is an authentic project that will be pursued if funding request is achieved.
  • It is original, and independent of other research currently conducted by the proposer through other means.
  • It is representative of work with which Miami University would be proud to be associated.


  • There is a current Miami employee (faculty or staff) who is responsible for the project.
  • If the project is submitted by a student, a faculty member been properly identified and has confirmed responsibility.


  • The budget contains only allowable items (e.g. no faculty salary).
  • The budget seems to be within reason and not exorbitant or inflated.

Research compliance

  • The project has the necessary approvals for the use of human or animal subjects, hazardous materials, etc.


  • The project is presented in a way that it is engaging to a broad, non-specialized audience.
  • It is described with sufficient detail but at an appropriate level, using a style appropriate for this platform.


  • The project includes students in a meaningful way, and clearly supports their development.
  • Student contributions to the project are central and clearly articulated.