CFR Faculty Research Grant Application Checklist

The following information is required in your Faculty Research Grant application. Please compile it before beginning the online application. (Click the "+" next to each item to see more detailed information.)

A list of your current and past grant support.

Include the most recent project funded (if any) within each of the FRG categories (i.e., Summer Research Appointment, Research Graduate Assistantship, and Grant to Promote Research), as well as other internal support and all external support. Include effective dates for each award. You will enter this information in the online application.

A list of all proposals submitted for external funding in the past four years.

Include the proposal title, target funding agency, amount sought, date of submission, and outcome. You will enter this information in the online application.

A single PDF document with the content of your proposal.

You will upload one PDF file during in the online application. That file must contain all of the following:

  • A proposal narrative
  • A detailed, annotated budget (required only for Grants to Promote Research)
  • A list of selected scholarly achievements

Contact us: CFR Faculty Research Program

Administrative questions: Vanessa Gordon
Administrative Assistant to CFR
102 Roudebush Hall

Programmatic questions: Rick Page
CFR Chair (2020-2021)