CFR Faculty Research Grants

Updated August 7, 2020 for AY2020-2021.

The University Senate Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) Faculty Research Grants Program awards three types of funding — summer research appointments, research graduate assistantships, and grants to promote research. In keeping with broader university-wide diversity and inclusion efforts, a portion of available funds will be reserved for research, scholarship, creative activities in the areas of social justice, human rights, diversity, and inclusion. Proposals in these areas must address a scholarly question that will lead to testable objectives or measurable outcomes. Regular eligibility criteria and application procedures, as outlined in the CFR Program Guidelines, apply.

Summer Research Appointments (SRA)

The Board of Trustees has authorized a number of Summer Research Appointments (SRA) for faculty members each year. Each SRA carries a salary of $6,200. Recipients are expected to devote significant effort on scholarly research during at least four (4) weeks of the summer following the date of the award. Recipients are allowed to supplement their salaries from internal or external sources only if they are working on the CFR or closely related research project and if they do not exceed 100% effort (based on salary) during the term of the award. The recipient should neither accept classroom teaching or workshop assignments nor obtain support for the revision or development of teaching materials or practices during the term of the award unless these are included and clearly part of the proposed CFR project. The award cannot be deferred or extended beyond, and the recipient must remain on the Miami University faculty in the academic year following, the summer of the award. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Associate Provost for Research & Scholarship and the Director of Academic Personnel Services or their designees.

Research Graduate Assistantships (RGA)

A number of RGAs are available each year, with the CFR endeavoring to fund them at the support level of the department involved. RGAs also provide a remission of the Instructional Fee and Out-of-State Surcharge. The tenure of the assistantships is restricted to the regular academic year.  The CFR recognizes that different disciplines use graduate assistantships in diverse ways and encourages individuals to devise creative uses of graduate assistants.  To become a research assistant, a student must be appointed through regular academic channels, and be subject to the same regulations as are other graduate assistants.

Grants to Promote Research (GPR)

GPRs may include wages for student labor, equipment, supplies, and travel expenses directly related to the performance of research/creative endeavors, and duplicating and graphics production. The Committee will not award funds for use in covering expenses incurred prior to the time a grant is made. Software purchases will be supported only if the required software is not available from another on-campus source. All software purchased with CFR funds is the property of Miami University. The Committee will not assume responsibility for providing any supplement for later price increases.  Travel funds will be limited to the least expensive mode of travel practical to and from the proposed site(s).

The maximum award is $3,000. In the event that the CFR determines it can make an award, but only at a level less than 75% of the request, the Chair of the appropriate subcommittee will contact the applicant to determine if the applicant wishes to receive the reduced award. Awardees will have a 12-month time period in which to expend funds; extensions may be available if a special request is submitted to the CFR Chair.


Before applying, please read the CFR Faculty Research Program guidelines carefully.Any continuing, tenure-eligible or tenured faculty member may request support through the CFR Faculty Research Program for one project per year.  Proposals addressing new avenues of research and scholarship for the investigator, initiating new projects and pilot studies, or testing novel or controversial research/creative ideas are favored. CFR expects investigators to seek other support for continuing research and scholarship in established areas.

CFR funds are considered seed money for obtaining preliminary data or information that will lead to submission of proposals to external funding sources.  Therefore, individuals who have received previous CFR Faculty Research Program funding are eligible for future awards as long as they have submitted external proposals for funding equal to or greater than the amount of the last CFR Faculty Research Program Award.  However, regardless of external funding, no individual is eligible to receive another award for four years following the academic year in which the previous grant was awarded.

Applications with more than one author are allowed, in which case, the maximum award will include one summer research appointment, one research graduate assistantship, and one grant to promote research. Each author must satisfy all  eligibility requirements and restrictions described in the CFR Faculty Research Program guidelines. 

Applications will be solicited by the CFR each fall.  To apply, complete the online application.  In addition to information about about your rank, your subcommittee and the type of support you are requesting, the application asks for the following:

  • A summary of your grant support, including:
    • Your previous Faculty Research Grants Program awards (if any)
    • All current grant support
    • Proposals submitted since your last CFR award (if applicable)
  • A proposal of no more than five single-spaced pages (upload as requested in the application).  All pages of the proposal should have one-inch margins on all sides and all type should be 11 points in size or larger.  The narrative should be broken down into the following sections:
    • Description — explains the nature and goal of the proposed project in terms clear to an educated lay audience outside the investigator's immediate discipline
    • Context — explains the background and context of the project and compares the proposed project to existing work
    • Project aptness — explains why this particular project is appropriate for the investigator to undertake at this particular time and describes preparations or progress the investigator has made or qualifications the investigator has that are significant to the proposed project
    • Method or plan — describes the specific methods, techniques or procedures that will be used to accomplish the project's objectives, including approximate times for completing each phase of the project
      • SRA applications should indicate what the investigator plans to accomplish during the four-week summer period
      • RGA applications should indicate the activities to be assigned to the graduate assistant
    • Communication of completed activity — explains how the results of the proposed work will be made accessible to a wider audience

The following sections of the proposal are excluded from the five-page limit:

    • Literature cited in proposal or selected bibliography — cites materials relevant to the proposed project
    • Technical appendix (optional) — elaborates on the methodology described in the proposal (at investigator's discretion)
    • Budget (GPR only — maximum one page) — details and justifies proposed spending in the following categories (please round all figures to the nearest dollar):
      • Personnel (total hours x hourly wages + benefits)
      • Supplies (please itemize)
      • Travel
      • Other
  • A two-page curriculum vitae (upload as requested in the application) that lists scholarly or creative achievements (publications, presentations, exhibitions, performances, etc.), highlighting those achievements that are most recent and/or relevant to the proposed project 

Applications will be reviewed, and awards decided, by CFR subcommittees in applied and natural sciences; business, education, and social sciences; and fine arts and humanities.  Proposed projects will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Significance of the research or scholarship
  • Soundness of methodology
  • Feasibility
  • Likelihood of results being communicated to the profession in an appropriate time period

Proposals that allow new faculty to initiate research or that allow experienced faculty to enter a new area of research will be more favorably viewed than proposals that ask for support for continuing scholarship.


Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
Elizabeth Bell Political Science BESS The Broader Impacts of Public School Closure: How Shuttering Schools Impacts Neighborhood Vitality in Ohio x
Mithun Bhowmick Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Semiconductors Under Dynamic Compression x
Eileen Bridge Microbiology ANS Adenovirus Regulation of Host Cell DNA Synthesis x
Nathanial Bryan & Paula Saine Teacher Education BESS Inservice Teachers' Perceptions and Implementation of Critical Race English Education (CREE) Pedagogical Practices in High School English Language Arts (ELA) Classrooms x
Qing Burke Accountancy BESS Harnessing the Crowd: An Examination of Securities Crowdfunding in the United States x
Andrew Casper Art FAH The Artistic, Sacred, and Scientific Body of Christ in Late Renaissance Italy ×
Wen-Ching Chuang Western Program BESS Managing Ecosystem Services for Resilience in Coastal Cities × x
Michael Crowder Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS Analysis of Bourbons by Using Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography (LC), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Studies x x x
Kate Dannies Global & Intercultural Studies FAH Breadwinner Soldiers: Gender and the Making of the Modern Middle East in the Ottoman First World War x
Saruna Ghimire Sociology & Gerontology BESS Progression and Correlates of Multimorbidity in a Representative Sample of Older Americans ×
Paul James Biology ANS Using Gene-Modified Rats to Understand Human Male Fertility × x x
Joseph Johnson Psychology BESS Investigating Racial Biases in Decision Making × ×
Andrew Jones Checmical, Paper, & Biomedical Engineering ANS Development of Enhanced Psilocybin Production Strategies via Metabolic Engineering × x x
Mahmud Khan Physics ANS Investigation of the Permanent Magnetic Properties of Nanostructured Ribbons ×
Emily Legg English FAH Stories of Our Living Ephemeral Relations: Indigenous Rhetorical Methodologies in Cherokee National Seminary Archives, 1846-1907 ×
Imran Mirza Physics ANS Quantum Information Processing with Waveguide-Coupled Emitter-Cavity Architectures × x
Jason Rech Geology & Environmental Earth Sciences ANS Constraining the Dynamics of Wood in Midwestern Streams, USA ×
Paul Reidy Kinesiology & Health ANS Implications of Early Life Inactivity on Health in Adulthood: A Search for Mechanisms × x ×
Carlo Samson Physics ANS Fast and Coherent Control of Quantum Systems: Numerical Simulations and Experiment × x x
Jay Shan Information Systems & Analytics BESS A Machine Learning-Based Mindfulness-Oriented Approach for Phishing Detection Training × x x
Jinjuan She Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering ANS Investigating an Adaptive Communication Mechanism in Autonomous Vehicle and Pedestrian Interation × × ×
Haifei Shi Biology ANS Metabolic Effects of Alcohol Consumption via Neuroendocrine Regulation × x x
Mark Sidebottom Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering ANS Design of PTFE Composites to Maximize Lifetime in Sliding Applications x × x
Yoshi Tomoyasu Biology ANS Divergent Functions of Transcription Factors During Morphological Evolution x
Chris Wolfe Psychology BESS Organizing and Analyzing Web-Based Information and Misinformation About Breast Cancer x ×
Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
Robert Baker Biology ANS An Evolutionary Development Approach to Abiotic Stress x x ×
Michelle Boone Biology


Examining the Potential for Exurban Lands to Bolster Regional Biodiversity: How Land Management Impacts Amphibians and Their Pathogens & Parasites ×
Kristy Brann Educational Psychology BESS Teacher Mental Health Literacy Capacity Building to Promote Early Identification and Intervention x
Jana Braziel Global and Intercultural Studies FAH All Too Human? Haiti, Humanities, Human Rights since Aristid ×
Michael Brudzinski Geology and Environmental Earth Science ANS Testing Predictive Models for Forecasting Human Induced Seismicity x
Kristen Budd Sociology and Gerontology BESS Crime, Immigration, and Fugitives: Investigating a Social Justice Issue ×
Hannah Chapman Political Science BESS Conceptualization of and Support for Democracy: A Cross-National Analysis × x
Yu-Fang Cho English FAH The Afterlives the Nuclear Pacific x
Luigi Corti Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Characterization of 3D Printed Nanocomposite-Polymers x
Matthew Crain Media, Journalism, and Film FAH First Watch: The Rise of Surveillance Advertising ×
Anna Ghazaryan Mathematics ANS Existence and Stability of Traveling Waves in a Model Rioting Activity × x
Mariana Ivanova German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures FAH Back in the Limelight: German Film Producers' Network and Impact on European Cinema (1945-1990) (Book Project) × ×
Tereza Jezkova Biology ANS Identifying Plastic and Adaptive Mechanisms that Allow a Desert Lizard to Adjust to Changing Climates × x x
Anna Klosowska French and Italian FAH Africanism and Colonies in Medieval French Manuscripts ×
Andrea Kravats Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Molecular Mechanisms of Chaperones in ER Protein Quality Control × × ×
Abigail Matthews Political Science BESS Connected Courts ×
Analisa Packham Economics BESS Evaluating Syringe Exchange Programs in the Wake of the Opioid Crisis ×
Trace Poll Speech Pathology and Audiology BESS Developing and Validating the Transition Pragmatics Interview × x ×
Vaishali Raval Psychology BESS Suicide Prevention in Resource-Limited Settings: Developing Culturally Sensitive, Community-Based Solutions ×
Vaskar Raychoudhury Computer Science and Software Engineering ANS CARE: Campus-wide Accessible Route Estimation Through Surface Analysis × x x
Hang Ren Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Electrochemically Controlled Synthesis of Catalytic Metal Particles × × ×
Ganiva Reyes Teacher Education BESS Pedagogies of Care between Teacher and Latinx Students within a Midwestern High School ×
Justin Saul and Jason Berberich Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering ANS Development of a Bioreactor System for Cell-Based Production of Ovarian Hormones in the Prevention of Osteoporosis x × x
Stephen Siff Media, Journalism, and Film FAH Drug War Propaganda: The Political and Intellectual History of Domestic Influence Campaigns in the U.S. Wars on Drugs, 1963 to 1988 ×
Jessica Sparks Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering ANS 3D Biofabrication of Biomimetic Induced Membranes from Dynamic Covalent Bio-Links ×
Cecilia Suhr Humanities and Creative Arts FAH I vs. You: We, Interactive Audio-Visual Installation ×
David Tierney Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Magnetic Resonance of Spin-Crossover Materials ×
Audrey Wasser French and Italian FAH On Literary Judgment: Reading After the Death of God  x
Amy Yousefi Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering ANS Design Optimization of Bone Graft Substitutes Produced using Additive Manufacturing ×
Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
David Berg Biological Sciences ANS Development of Comparative Transcriptomics to Investigate the Evolution of Salinity Tolerance in Desert Spring Invertebrates ×
Dawn Blitz Biology


Integrating Sensory Information into an Active Rhythmic Motor System ×
Per Bloland Music FAH Studio Recording of Bloland's Opera "Pedr Solis" ×
James Chagdes Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Using Virtual Reality to Simulate Neuromuscular Degrades to Identify Postural Instability × × ×
Bob De Schutter College of Education, Health, and Society FAH Brukel - Evaluating the Beta Version of an Educational Video Game ×
Anne Dell'Aria Art FAH Enchanting Visions: Moving Images, Mobile Spectators, and Public Art ×
Jason Gaddis Mathematics ANS Pointed Hopf Actions on Quantum Algebras ×
Thomas Garcia Music FAH Fado: Performance Practice of a Portuguese Popular Music ×
Jessica Gordon-Burroughs Spanish and Portuguese FAH Visible Matter: Politics of the Copy, the Canon, and the Reader in Cuba, Venezuela, and Chile (1960-present) ×
Kerry Hegarty Media, Journalism, and Film FAH Work Towards Completion of Book Manuscript Tentatively Titled "Writing with Light: Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and the Construction of Global Visual Language" ×
Michael Hicks Philosophy FAH Acquaintance and the Myth of the Given ×
Muhammad Jahan Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Investigating Surface Integrity - Microstructure - Mechanical Properties Relationships for Titanium Alloy Ti-6AI-4V Machined by Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) × × ×
Cynthia Klestinec English FAH Body Work: The History of Medical Techne in Early Modern Italy ×
Wei Liu Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Molecular/Material Hybrid Catalysts for Electrochemical N2 Reduction × × ×
Jessica McCarty-Kern Geography BESS Fire and Ice: Quantifying Impact of Wildfire Risk on the Western Greenland Ice Sheet Using Geospatial and Insitu Methods and Data × × ×
Timothy Melley English FAH The Democratic Security Society: Threat Culture and the Politics of Prevention × ×
Elaine Miller Philosophy FAH Blueprints of the Existing World: Reality, Truth, and Estrangement ×
Arnold Olszewski Speech Pathology and Audiology BESS Social Media Accompanying Reading Together (SMART) × ×
Zafer Ozdemir Information Systems and Analytics BESS The Impact of Wearable Devices and Performance Payments on Health Outcomes ×
Rosemary Pennington Media, Journalism, and Film FAH Big Screen; Small Stage: Negotiating Identity Through Comedy ×
Anna Radke Psychology ANS Defining the Neural Circuits Responsible for Opioid Reward and Aversion × × ×
Xin Wang Microbiology ANS Global Carbon Metabolism Rewiring for Photosynthetic Terpenes × × ×
Craig Williamson Biology ANS Resolving the Controversy: How are Nonlinear Responses to Changes in Water Clarity Altering Key Zooplankton Consumers in Lakes? ×
Zhijiang Ye Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Investing and Understanding the Speed-Dependent Friction Properties of 2D Nanomaterials in N-Hexadecane × ×
Jon Yamashiro Art FAH Tintype Portraits: Powerful Light and a Historic Photographic Process ×
Ellen Yezierski Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Characterizing Instructors' Use of Animations in the General Chemistry Classroom × ×
Mehdi Zanjani Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Computational Design of Multicomponent Colloidal Superstructures as Photonic and Acoustic Metamaterials × × ×
Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
Kevin Ballard Kinesiology and Health ANS Effects of Different Exercise Modalities on Postprandial Vascular Endothelial Responses in Overweight and Obese Adults ×
David Beard Spanish and Portuguese


Using English to Learn Spanish Vocabulary × ×
Rachel Blum Political Science


Congressional Communication: Elite Priorities, Messaging, and Alliances in Congressional Data ×
Michelle Buchberger Integrative Studies FAH The Unpublished Works of John Fowles ×
Dennis Cheatham Art FAH Living Values: End-of-Life Decisions Pilot Project ×
Randal Claytor Kinesiology and Health BESS Understanding the Physiologic Nature of Resistance Exercise-Induced Muscle Fatigue with a Human-Machine Interface: Building the Next Generation of Resistance Exercise Equipment × × ×
Joyce Fernandes Biology ANS Investigating How Glial Remodeling Brings About Nerve-Reorganization in the Developing Adult Motor System of the Fruit-Fly, Drosophila ×
La Donna Forsgren Theatre FAH Sistuhs in the Struggle: An Oral History of Black Arts Movement Theatre ×
Scott Friend Marketing BESS Solution Co-Creation in Business-to-Business Relationships ×
Jonathan Grenier Accountancy BESS Proactively and Reactively Managing Investor Cybersecurity ×
Ann Hagerman Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS First Steps to Understanding How Arctic Animals Could Adapt to Climate-Induced Diet Changes × ×
Kimberly Hamlin Global and Intercultural Studies FAH Woman Citizen: Helen Hamilton Gardener and the History of Women's Suffrage in America ×
Carolyn Hardin Media, Journalism, and Film FAH Capturing Finance: Value and Culture in Financial Capitalism ×
C. Lee Harrington Sociology and Gerontology BESS Age and Aging on Indian Soap Opera ×
Michael Hatch Art - Middletown Campus FAH The Senses of Painting in China, 1790-1840 ×
Elizabeth Kiel Psychology BESS A Transactional, Psychobiological Model of Mother-Child Kindergarten Adjustment × × ×
Kathleen Killian Biology ANS Impact of Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein on Adult Neurogenesis: From New Neurons to New Memories × ×
Jonathan Kunstman Psychology BESS Suspicion of Whites' Motives and Academic Outcomes Among Students of Color × × ×
Margaret Luongo English FAH The Bright Season: A Novella ×
Claire McLeod Geology and Environmental Earth Science ANS Unearthing Ohio: Insights into the Early Geological Evolution of the Eastern United States × ×
Matthew McMurray Psychology ANS Development of a Novel Analytical Tools for the Study of Neural Network Connectivity in Awake Behaving Rats ×
Tatjana Mikjkovic Accountancy ANS Impact of Climate Change on Mortality Rates for the U.S. Population ×
Jennifer Quinn Psychology ANS Role of Ventral Tegmental Dopamine Neurotransmission in Fear Memory Reconsolidation ×
Andrea Righi French and Italian FAH Neoliberal Sexuality: Limit, Ubiquitous Computing and Neoliberal Reason ×
Christin Schillinger Music FAH Bassoon Imagined: 21st Century Works for Bassoon ×
Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh Engineering Technology ANS L-Shaped Piezoelectric Oscillators: A Paradigm Shift in Energy Harvesting From Renewable Sources ×
Nancy Solomon Biology ANS Phylogeography of Prairie Voles: Creating a Framework for Future Testing of Hypotheses on the Role of Behavioral Plasticity vs Historical Constraints of Social Behavior × ×
Leland Spencer Intredisciplinary and Communication Studies FAH Bathroom Bills and Trans Panic: Rhetorics of Resistance ×
Matthew Stephan Computer Science and Software Engineering ANS Realization of Model Driven Engineering for Big Data: A Model-Driven Framework for Machine Learning Baseball Analytics × × ×
Pepper Stetler Art FAH Finding Form: Photography and the Werkbund ×
Benjamin Sutcliffe German, Russian, and East Asian Languages and Cultures FAH The Other Trifonov: Sincerity, Intelligentsia, and Consumers in Soviet Culture ×
Timothy Wilson Microbiology ANS The Role of FCRL1 in Immune Responses to Vaccination × ×
Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
Fauzia Ahmed Sociology and Gerontology


Do Women Factory Owners Make a Difference? Globalization and Moral Governance in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry × ×
Elana Albarran History


Primitive Geniuses: Transnational Mexican Children's Art in Discourses of Underdevelopment × ×
Catherine Almquist Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering


CO2 Reforming of Methane: Novel Catalyst Development ×
Angela Curl Black Family Studies and Social Work


Risk of Heart Problems Post-Retirement: An Age-Cohort Longitudinal Analysis ×
John Bowblis Economics BESS Systematic Biases in the Size and Professional Composition of Inspection Teams: Consequences on the Nursing Home Inspection Process × ×
Joseph Carlin Microbiology ANS Effect of Chlamydia Infection on Host Cell Gene Regulation ×
Elise Clerkin Psychology BESS Using Cognitive Bias Modification as a Inoculation Tool × ×
Hailiang Dong Geology & Environmental Earth Science ANS Microbial Processing of Organic Matter Associated with Clay Minerals ×
Tracy Featherstone Art FAH Fantastical Landscape: Layered Depth × × ×
Jordan Fenton Art FAH Performing City: Masquerade, Modernity and Money in a Nigerian Metropolis ×
Bartosz Grudzinski Geography ANS Measuring the Spatial and Temporal Impacts of Boating, Climate, and Hydrology on Hydrocarbons within a Lake- Stream Ecosystem × × ×
Benjamin Gung Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS Gold (I) Catalysis with Anion Binding From Chiral Hydrogen-Bonding Donors ×
Carter Hamilton Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering ANS Optimizing Friction Stir Welding for Joining Dissimilar Metallic Materials × ×
Katie Johnson English FAH A Lost Opera: Jules Bledsoe's African American Emperor Jones × ×
Chun Liang Biology ANS Genome-Wide Detection and Functional Exploration of Miniature Inverted Repeat Transposable Elements (MITE) in Plants × × ×
Gary Lorigan Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS EPR Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins ×
Karsten Maurer Statistics ANS Exploration of Visual Loss in Contour Plots of Bivariate Kernel Density Estimation ×
Terri Messman- Moore Psychology BESS Understanding the Impact of Cumulative Stress and Firearm Presence on Rural Women's Coping Responses and Adaptation to Intimate Partner Violence Revictimization × ×
Andrew Offenburger History FAH When the West Turned South: Capital and Culture in the U.S.- Mexican Borderlands, 1880-1917 × ×
Lucinda Parmer Business Technology BESS The Relationship Between Participants' Philosophical Orientation and Preferred Conflict Management Strategy Style ×
Tory Pearman English - Hamilton Campus FAH Disability and Knighthood in Thomas Malory's Morte D'Arthur ×
J. Elizabeth Richey Educational Psychology FAH Improving Young Children and Older Adolescents' Motivation and Attitudes Toward Math Through Structured, Nonreciprocal Peer Tutoring ×
Jonathan Scaffidi Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS A New Wet-Synthetic Approach Yielding Frequency-Tunable Solid-State Plasmonic Substrates for Field-Portable Chemical Sensing × × ×
Monica Schneider Political Science BESS Gender Bias in the News Media 1978-1990 × ×
Carole Dabney Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS Connecting Chloroplast DNA Replication to Organelle Division ×
Eric Stenstrom Marketing BESS The Influence of Baby Exposure on Testosterone and Consumer Risk-Taking × ×
Steven Tuck Classics FAH Using Regional Naming Variations to Locate Survivors from Pompeii ×
Carrie Tyler Geology & Environmental Earth Science ANS Using the Fossil Record to Understand Ecosystem Dynamics During Biotic Invasions × × ×
Jiangjiang (Chris) Zhu Chemistry & Biochemistry ANS Lung Cancer Diagnosis Using Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Approaches × ×
Recipient name Recipient department CFR subcommittee Project title SRA RGA GPR
Katherine Abbott Sociology and Gerontology BESS Measuring, Enhancing, and Sustaining Person Centered Care for Nursing Home Residents Via the PELIcan App ×
Jose Amador Latin American, Latino/a, and Caribbean Studies Program FAH Changing Sex: A History of Transsexuality in Brazil ×
Mitchell F. Balish Microbiology ANS Oxygen Regulation of Gene Expression in the Poultry Pathogen Mycoplasma Iowae × × ×
Tammy Brown Black World Studies Program FAH Hear My Freedom: Jimi Hendrix from Bluesman to Psychedelic Philosopher ×
Kristen Budd Sociology and Gerontology BESS Women Commit Sex Crimes? Investigating Different Types of Sexual Assaults Perpetrated by Female Sex Offenders ×
Anne Farrell Accountancy BESS Integrating Neuroscience Methodologies into Accounting Research ×
Donald Ferguson Microbiology ANS Novel Metabolic Pathways for Biological Methane Production × × ×
Maria Gonzalez Biology ANS Climate Change Effects on Lake Food Webs: Do Temperature and Sediments Affect Interactively Regulate Competition among Fish Species? × × ×
Tyler Henry Finance BESS Confidential IPOs ×
Mariana Ivanova German, Russian, and East Asian Languages FAH DEFA and the Legacy of "Film Europe.:" A Study of Film Co-­Productions, Cultural Exchange, and Artistic Collaborations × ×
Mahmud Khan Physics ANS Investigation of Solid State Cooling Properties of Selected Transition Metal Based Intermetallic Alloys × ×
Neringa Klumbyte Anthropology BESS Justice as Unfairness: Ethnicity, Coexistence, and Sovereignty in Latvia and Lithuania ×
Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Self-­Healing Materials Using Orthogonal Linkers and Interpenetrating Networks × × ×
Mark Krekeler Geology and Environmental Earth Science ANS Remote Sensing Taggant for Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement Applications ×
Byron Miller Sociology and Gerontology BESS The Bridge Kids: Exploring the Effects of Interracial Romance on Mental Health ×
Rachael Morgan-Kiss Microbiology ANS Physiological and Molecular Characterization of High Oil Body Phenotype in the Model Antarctic Alga, Chlamydomonas raudensis UW0241 × ×
Charles Moul Economics BESS The Role of Sex Ratio in Fertility Decisions ×
Stephanie Nicely* Nursing ANS A Collaborative Exploration of Obesity in the Miami Indian Community × ×
Barbara Oswald Psychology - Hamilton Campus ANS The Neurobiological and Behavioral Effects of Amphetamine-­Ethanol Combinations × × ×
Gaile Pohlhaus Philosophy FAH Routledge Handbook on Epistemic Injustice and Varieties of Epistemic Injustice ×
Luis Pradanos-Garcia Spanish and Portuguese FAH Spanish Ecocritical Theories and Practices ×
Daniel G. Prior History FAH The Kirghiz Epic Manas: An Abridged Translation of a Central Asian Classic ×
April Smith Psychology ANS An Investigation of Novel Risk Factors and Interventions for the Acquired Capability for Suicide ×
Susan Spellman History - Hamilton Campus FAH Go-­Getters!: Ambition and the American Business Traveler ×
Suzanne Stricklin* Nursing ANS A Collaborative Exploration of Obesity in the Miami Indian Community × ×
Karthik Vishwanath Physics ANS iSpectroscopy: Non-­‐invasive and in Vivo Measurement of Blood Oxygenation Using Diffusely Reflected Light on an iPhone × × ×
Shouzhong Zou Chemistry and Biochemistry ANS Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Organic Fuels on Copper Nanostructures  × ×

*Shared award

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