Procedural Review

Before a case is brought to a hearing, an organization will participate in a Procedural Review meeting with a staff member in the Office of Community Standards. A Procedural Review Notice is sent to the chapter president and other necessary parties, such as a chapter advisor, national headquarters, or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The notice will include the charges alleged, along with a meeting date and time.

At the Procedural Review meeting, the Office of Community Standards staff member reviews the following with the organization’s president:

  1. The alleged charges.
  2. The option to accept responsibility and proceed to an administrative hearing to discuss sanctions only.
  3. The option to request an Administrative Hearing if the organization disputes the charges.

The organization president is given time to discuss the options with necessary parties and notify the Office of Community Standards of its decision. If the organization fails to notify the Office of Community Standards of the option selected, a hearing will be scheduled by default.