Letter from Council Presidents

Dear fellow Miamians,

On behalf of the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Panhellenic Association, we are thrilled to welcome you into our community. As a member of the Miami family, you are a part of a legacy that has been growing on campus since our founding. The education that you will receive encompasses more than just a commitment to strong academics, but copious opportunities to develop through student engagement and involvement on campus.

Over the next four years, you will not only be working towards a degree and discovering your career path, but will also develop meaningful connections with others, allowing you to find your place in the Miami community. The fraternity and sorority community is grounded in five core principles: scholarship and learning, service and philanthropy, leadership and values, community, and brotherhood and sisterhood. Each provides development through meaningful connections and life lessons. These principles are designed to support you in your ongoing development as a leader and individual on Miami’s campus. Constituting the largest student group on campus, fraternity and sorority members represent over 5,000 undergraduate students. With this network of support and enriching opportunities, membership in a Greek organization will provide members with a personal connection to Miami traditions and legacy.

With 52 Greek organizations across four councils, there is endless opportunity to find the chapter best suited for you. Each chapter offers unique experiences that will be sure to strengthen your reserve and character while preparing you for future success. Fraternity and sorority life enhances the lives of each individual who serves as a member of their Greek organization. With that, it is our hope that you will find this guide to be a valuable resource, guiding and helping you understand the ways in which involvement in the fraternity and sorority community can impact your college experience and future endeavors.

We look forward to seeing you at recruitment/intake and wish you the best of luck in all of your college pursuits. Go Greek! Go RedHawks!

Love and Honor,

Grant Esler
Interfraternity Council

Oscar Campos Ortiz
Multicultural Greek Council

Ashley Wilson
National Pan-Hellenic Council

Molly Forse
Panhellenic Association