Summer Storage in Chapter Houses

To: Owners, Landlords, Housing Corps., House Managers, and Residents of Fraternity Houses

Re: Condition of houses during summer break/Storage

Recently there have been several inquiries for clarification on summer storage in the houses. When preparing your house for summer break, please follow these guidelines.

  1. The general condition of the house must remain the same as it would be if it were occupied.
    • Halls and doorways must be clear of storage and waste materials.
    • All safety equipment must be operational including exit lights, egress lights, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems.
    • All waste, rubbish, and unused combustible materials shall be removed from the building.
    • Dispose of any mattresses and furniture that will not be used the following school year.
    • Fire doors must be closed and properly operating.
  2. Storage from outside locations (annex houses or other off campus housing) CANNOT be brought into the buildings. Extra storage of mattresses, couches, and other combustible materials creates a fuel load that can quickly overrun a sprinkler system and/or rapidly create a fire situation that is uncontrollable. This creates a very dangerous situation for firefighters.
  3. Meeting rooms CANNOT be used as a central location for storing furnishings from the building.
  4. Furniture and furnishings that are normally in an occupied room, arranged in a normal fashion with access to doors and windows, is acceptable.
  5. Conduct one last self-inspection prior to leaving the building for the summer.
  6. Make sure all electrical items are turned off or unplugged.

For questions or further clarification please contact the fire department