Outdoor Furniture

Furniture not manufactured for outdoor use is strictly prohibited on porches, in lawn areas, alleys, or any other outside area. This prohibition is in place to protect the health and welfare of all Oxford residents as inappropriate furniture left outdoors can lead to rodent and insect infestations and can be consider a fire hazard.

As a result of community concerns over drinking games and the trash and debris left visible on properties after parties, the outdoor furniture ordinance was updated in April 2007. The ordinance now states, in part, “No person shall allow to remain, keep, store or maintain any couches, chairs, tables, or other furniture not manufactured for outdoor use; plywood boards; construction material; saw horses; tubes; pipes; or rigid material suspended between two supports so as to be used as a table in any yard, alley, front porch, unenclosed rear porch or in any other outside area." 

In March 2010, outdoor furniture violations became a civil offense.