Bias Education & Support Team (BEST)

Students affected by bias can seek guidance and emotional support through members of the Office of the Dean of Students BEST (Bias Education & Support Team) team.

Each BEST team member is personally committed to issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice. In addition, the team has undergone a thorough training process that includes information on diversity and bias, active listening, and campus resources. Members receive training before their appointment and continued training during their tenure.

Role and Scope

The role of BEST is both supportive and administrative. BEST members ensure student(s) understand all the options and resources available to them. BEST will also serve as a team of trainers to facilitate bias education on campus.

BEST can assist with:

  • Reporting concerns about behavior by a member of the University community
  • Creating space for students to process their experiences and get support for their decision, even when their decision is not to proceed now
  • Identifying University resources
  • Identifying campus and community resources for education and other supportive services
  • Supporting students through difficult conversations

The scope of BEST does not include:

  • Acting as a disinterested third-party
  • Giving legal advice
  • Mediating any contractual disputes
  • Providing services for issues or matters pertaining exclusively to staff or faculty.
  • Engaging in educational conversations that we don’t deem to be productive, based on assessment and consultation.
  • Acting in a role in lieu of appropriate University administrative response

If you would like to request to speak with a member of the Bias Education & Support Team, please email us at