Dean's Advisory Board (DAB)

group of students walking across academic quad.

DAB creates an opportunity for students to influence positive change on campus, celebrate student accomplishments, and help the Office of the Dean of Students set priorities and create initiatives. DAB is composed of student leader representatives (Associated Student Government, Tri-Council, Diversity Affairs Council, and Residence Hall Association) and at-large members who apply as individuals.

The board gives strategic direction to the Office of the Dean of Students and can help actualize the changes students want to see on campus. Additionally, the board assists in the Love & Honor Story Project, an initiative that highlights and celebrates student leaders who exemplify Miami values and the Code of Love & Honor.

Applications open each fall. In the case of a mid-year vacancy, a spring application will become available. All Miami students are welcome to apply. The DAB is comprised of students who are excited about bringing passion, love, and honor to the committee and to the broader campus community. If you are a change agent interested in contributing creativity, offering your leadership skills, and/or generating new programs or services on campus, please apply!

The board meets bi-weekly on Fridays throughout the academic year. The application to be a member for the 2020-2021 year is now closed.

2020-2021 Members

Dan BosworthDan Bosworth
Junior, Accountancy and Sport Leadership & Management

Why DAB: I felt like I wanted to make a bigger impact after my first year at Miami, leading me to apply for DAB, where I have been able to show my passion for change in many different forms.

Jade CessnaJade Cessna
Junior, Individualized Studies and Sustainability

Why DAB: I decided to join DAB for my second year because I have been empowered to have a voice for Miami's student body. I have also gained experience in leading large-scale initiatives and am passionate about each initiative we tackle every semester!

Claire DrewClaire Drew
Senior, Human Capital and Management, Global and Intercultural Studies Co-Major

Why DAB: I joined DAB to help grow initiatives that allow all students to have the best college experience possible.

Bethany EkehBethany Ekeh
Junior, Anthropology

Why DAB: I joined DAB because I wanted to be a part of continuing to exhibit Love and Honor, and evolving student life on campus!

Emily FroudeEmily Froude
Senior, International Studies and Political Science

Why DAB: My involvement at Miami has given me broad insights into the university’s strengths and the areas which need more attention. I am eager to give back to campus by bridging the gap between university decision-makers and underrepresented voices in the student body.

Julia KorpusikJulia Korpusik
Sophomore, Kinesiology

Why DAB: I joined DAB to help make Miami University a better place for students, alumni, faculty, and future Miamians, and to leave a positive impact on our Miami Campus!

Rachel MancusoTrung Le
Sophomore, Psychology and Data Science & Statistics

Why DAB: I decided to join DAB because I want to get more involved and meet new people/friends who share the same goals I have. Moreover, I hope to make a positive change to students' experience at Miami University while also improving myself.

Rachel MancusoRachel Mancuso
Sophomore, Histpry

Why DAB: I joined DAB because I wanted to get more involved with campus and to do something that affected the student body directly - something that affected greater change for them.

Quinton NdyajunwohaQuinton Ndyajunwoha
Senior, Information Systems

Why DAB: I want to be a part of DAB to collaborate with the administration to make students of every background as comfortable as they can be. There are students of many communities who had times might not feel their voice is heard, so what better way to advocate for these people than working with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Akash RadhakrishnanAkash Radhakrishnan
Senior, Economics

Why DAB: I wanted to have a positive impact on the broader campus and think that DAB provides a great platform to have my voice heard and contribute in my own (small) way to Miami.

Hailea TuckerHailea Tucker
Sophomore, Psychology, Social Work, and Individualized Studies

Why DAB: I chose to join DAB to advocate for Miami’s residence life.

Vimal VinodVimal Vinod
First-Year, Biology, with Pre-Medical Studies co-major

Why DAB: I wanted to make a change in my university and provide resources and support for underprivileged students who need the most help.

"It's where I know my voice is being heard."

- DAB Member

"DAB has provided me with the opportunity to work with other students who share the same desires I do."

- DAB Member

“As Dean, I have frequent conversations with students who share their interests and concerns. The board is a consistent way for me to stay connected to students and let them guide our initiatives and priorities. It really is my way of keeping the pulse on student and campus life.”

-Dr. Kimberly Moore, Dean of Students