Special Events Sample Budget

This is a sample of the expense and funding budget you should provide with your Special Events Fund request. Be sure your request from the Special Event Fund is as accurate as possible.

The Special Events Fund is not intended to cover “missing” expenses – if you request and are awarded $ 2,000.00 you will be given no more than $ 2,000.00 for the event. Also, if your event costs less than anticipated or you need fewer funds, the award can also be lowered. As all areas of the university, we have limited funds to award and need to be good stewards of the resource and ask your help in doing the same.

Sample Budget


Speaker and Travel Fees for Ms. Notable Person: $2,500.00

Refreshments for Event: $100.00

Publicity: $100.00

TOTAL: $2,700.00


Student Organization Funds: $500.00

Department X Support: $200.00

Total Funds and Sponsorship Provided: $700.00

Special Event Request: $2,000.00