Supporting Your Miami Student


Learning about requirements, opportunities, and resources is important, but how does it all apply when your student actually starts at Miami this fall? This section focuses on four transition issues commonly experienced by new college students.

Watch the short introduction video below, then explore each issue in-depth through a video and additional resources. There's also a short wrap up video at the end.


Four common transition issues (click on the link to scroll directly to that section of this page):

This final video ties everything together as you complete your review of our Family Orientation content and talks about next steps.


After you review these videos and resources, head back to the main Family Orientation page for a few additional pieces of information.


Living with others

Sharing a room is a new experience for most Miami students, and sharing one with a non-family member for almost all. This video covers ways to help your student have a successful and respectful roommate relationship.


Academic transition

Academic success in college is different than in high school. This video goes in-depth with common challenges and ways you can support your student's academic transition.


Involvement and meeting new people

Feeling connected to Miami and people at Miami enriches a student's academic success. This video goes in-depth into various options for getting involved on campus.


Feeling at home in a new place

Leaving the routines and comforts of home is a challenge for all students and missing those routines is completely normal. This video discusses when homesickness is "normal" and resources for when students may need more than time to feel at home at Miami.