Community Leadership Team

Community Leadership Teams (CLT) provide a forum for students in the residence halls interested in influencing life in the hall. The CLT is a subset of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), which is the governing body of students living on campus. Community Leadership Team leaders can influence change in their residence halls as well as the larger Miami community. Each CLT provides a leadership opportunity for students to collaborate with other students living in the hall to help make living on campus an enjoyable experience. Developing your leadership potential through your Community Leadership Team has long-term benefits. 

Four components of a Community Leadership Team:

President/RHA Representative

Elected by the community through the online HUB process. Represents the concerns of the community to RHA through attendance at week-ly meetings. Convenes the leadership team meetings and meets regularly with the CLT adviser.

Living Learning Communities Representative

This group will focus on developing and implementing opportunities that engage community members in the various LLC topics that are apart of that community. Their purpose is to connect with faculty and other university resources to create innovative academic initiatives that correspond to the LLC.

Advocacy Representative

This group advocates for a healthy and safe experience for the residents of the building. They focus on providing opportunities to educate residents and others about their rights and responsibilities. They may focus on by-stander behavior, facilities concerns, recycling, and maintain a respectful climate in the community.

Effective Community Engagement Representatives

This group creates opportunities for all members of the community to get connected to one another. The group can arrange social programming, field trips, and other activities which bring the corridors and LLCs together into one large community group.

Talk with your hall staff for more information on how to get involved in your Community Leadership Team.