Remote Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

Even with Miami’s transition to remote learning, the Rinella Learning Center is here to excel in our mission to support students academically.

We are thrilled to provide three remote options for students seeking content-specific assistance:

  • Staff Tutoring: Through our partner,, we offer remote tutoring on a variety of course topics. While these tutors are not Miami students, they are nonetheless professionally trained, and can be accessed 24/7!
  • Peer Tutoring: Remote tutoring led by our highly-trained peer tutors. This allows students to seek help from fellow students who have excelled in those subjects.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Online help sessions for specific courses, led by our Supplemental Instruction leaders in consultation with faculty members.

ALL of these options are completely FREE for Miami University students. Students are also encouraged to reach out for academic coaching as they move to remote work. RLC is prepared to help students succeed during this transition!

See below for instructions on how to access each of these services.

How to Access Remote Tutoring

On your course Canvas site, select the "Online Tutoring" link on the lower left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the landing page for

Under the “Topic” section, scroll down to select the subject for your course (such as Math or Physics), then under “Subject,” select your specific course number.

If you wish to have voice chat capabilities, feel free to click that box.

Enter questions or concepts you are struggling with in the “Enter Your Question” text box. Then, hit the green “Connect Now” button and wait for a tutor to connect! This may take a minute or two.

Once connected, you can see, talk, or chat with your tutor! You can also upload documents and use a white board during the session. When finished, you will close your tutoring window to end the session. These tutors are available 24/7 and free for students to use.

What Courses are Available through Tutoring?

  • CSE 148, 174, 271
  • ECO 201, 202
  • FRE 101, 102
  • GER 101, 111, 201, 202
  • GLG 111
  • MTH 125, 151, 222, 231, 245, 249, 252
  • NUR 251, 252, 261
  • PHY 191, 192
  • PSY 111, 293
  • SPN 101, 102, 111
  • STA 261

How to Access Miami Peer Tutoring

On your course Canvas site, click on a link on the lower left-hand side of the screen that says “Online Tutoring.” This will take you to the landing page for

On the far right-hand side of the screen, select the "Join a Meeting Space" button and you will be taken to the scheduling screen.

Scroll down for a schedule populated with tutoring appointments. Hover over the appointments to see what courses are available for tutoring within those times. When you’re ready to schedule, select the tutor’s name.

To schedule your appointment, complete and submit the form indicating your name, the amount of time you want for your appointment, and whether you want it to be recorded. 

Scheduled appointments will appear on the “Upcoming Meetings” section of your Meeting Space page. From there, you can modify the event (including changing times or, if necessary, canceling the appointment). On the date of your appointment, select the “Launch” button to get started. 

During your tutoring appointment, you will be able to see a White Board for solving problems, chat with your tutor, and see them on video!

If for some reason you're unable to log in using the "Online Tutoring" Canvas option, OR if you do not see your scheduled appointments, please complete the following in the order shown:

  • Close your browser (all tabs, all windows, everything)
  • Open your browser
  • Clear your cache for all time (control+shift+delete)
  • Login to Canvas
  • Open a course
  • Open "Online Tutoring"

What Courses Are Available for Miami Peer Tutoring?

  • BIO116, 203
  • CHM 141, 142, 144, 145, 242
  • ECO 201
  • FRE 101, 102, 201, 202
  • MBI 116
  • MTH 125, 151, 251
  • PHY 161, 162, 191
  • STA 261

If you do not see your course listed, please contact to discuss additional options.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Before you can access remote SI sessions, you need to visit the landing page. You can do this by following the "Online Tutoring" link through any of your Canvas courses.

If you are enrolled in a course that is supported by Supplemental Instruction, you will receive an email from your Supplemental Instruction leader informing you about upcoming SI sessions and invitations to these meetings through the platform.

When it is time for the SI session, you will visit the landing page, select the "Join a Meeting Space” button on the upper right of your screen, and view your Upcoming Meetings. Select the "Launch" button to join the Supplemental Instruction meeting.

During your SI session, you will be able to see a White Board for solving problems, chat with the SI leader, and see them on video!

Accessibility Statement

Rinella Learning Center is committed to ensuring students with disabilities have full access to remote tutoring services. If you anticipate or experience a disability related barrier to using the application please submit the Access Barrier Form or contact RLC or the Miller Center with concerns