Credit Card and MULAA Readers

Student organizations can contact the Office of Student Activities to reserve either the credit card reader or the MULAA reader. Units must be returned by 9 am the next business day. Failure to return at this time could lead to loss of privileges with the devices. An extremely late return will result in loss of privileges.

The card reader is for on-campus events such as bake sales, membership dues, t-shirt sales, study guides, etc. It is not to be used for alcohol-related fundraisers.

Credit Card Reader Directions

Turning on Unit

  • Push and hold down the green button
  • Press Soft Pay (F1) button

Processing Sales

  • Press Sale button
  • Enter dollar amount
  • Swipe/Insert Card
  • Press green button to submit
  • A receipt prints for each transaction
  • Unit will return to sale screen

Settlement of Credit Card Transactions

  • At the end of the event, press the Settlement (F2) button
  • Unit will print out Total settlement receipt from sales
    • Take photo of settlement receipt for deposit report
  • Select Confirm to clear out unit

Complete Formstack Deposit Report 

  • Must complete the Formstack Deposit Report for funds to be posted into student organization's financial account
  • Credit Card Settlement Receipt is required for deposit submission
  • Formstack Deposit Report should be completed after the conclusion of the event 
    • Failure to complete this report in a timely manner will result in suspension of the Credit Card Reader privileges

Return Card Reader to 2026 Armstrong by 9 am the next business day

NOTE: Be sure to safeguard the Credit Card Reader. Any damage, repairs, or replacements costs will be billed to the student organization’s index/account number (unit replacement cost is approximately $500).

A copy of the Credit Card Reader Checkout Form will be emailed to Ben Taylor and the member picking up the unit. The email will also include brief reminders on card reader procedures.

If receipt printout is blank remove paper roll, flip, and reinsert into unit.