City of Oxford Permit Process

Contact John Buchholz ( with the City of Oxford regarding off-campus events taking place on city property (5k’s, community parks, uptown locations, etc.). Buchholz will involve Miami University departments that may be directly affected by events such as a 5ks beginning and ending at Millett Hall.

Process for Permit

  • Schedule meeting with John Buchholz (approximately 15-20 minutes)
  • Fill-in permit application
    • Include responsible contact person on the permit application
    • local mailing address, email address, and working phone number
  • John Buchholz will submit the application to the City of Oxford for review
  • City of Oxford will mail/email applicant the approved permit or denied notice  
    • Approved document will include fees for services (police, park, parking, etc.)  
    • Student organization’s treasurer will submit payment to City of Oxford through Buyway
  • Contracts for off-campus events (artists/equipment/etc.) must be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities (2026 Armstrong Student Center; 529-2266)
  • If security is potentially needed for an event, member(s) of student organization will need to meet with Oxford Police Department 30 days in advance of the event date
  • Applicant must keep “Approved Form” available throughout the off-campus event
  • The City of Oxford will forward a copy of approved or denied permit request to Enjoy Oxford and the Office of Student Activities