Hamilton Sisterhood Suites

All Miami University and Regulations for On-Campus Living apply to the use of the Hamilton Sisterhood Suites.

Room Capacities

Full capacity is 350 with air wall open. Hamilton Sisterhood Suite 157 is 160 capacity and Hamilton Sisterhood Suite 158 is 190 capacity.

Reservation Policy

Reservations are not available at the Hamilton Sisterhood Suites during university holidays/extended holiday weekend or when the university closes due to extreme weather conditions (risk management issues/limited campus services). If a reservation occurs when the university closes due to inclement weather, reservations will be cancelled. If applicable, fees will be refunded to the customer.

Student Organizations and University Department Reservations

The Panhellenic Council has first priority over reservations of the Hamilton Sisterhood Suites; Panhellenic sororities have second priority over reservations.

Departmental and registered student organization reservations will be considered on a case by case basis.

Reservations for events are typically available from 7:30 am to midnight and are requested through Virtual EMS. Groups must also submit an event request through the Hub.


Once your reservation is confirmed, you (or a designee) will be granted temporary access to the space by using your Miami ID card. 

Facilities Guidelines

The Hamilton Sisterhood Suites must be cleaned and left in good condition upon leaving. Trash must be collected and deposited in receptacles outside, lights turned off, windows closed and doors locked. Furniture may be moved, but must be returned to original position. 


Organizations that reserve the space will incur fees associated with any building/grounds damages or extra cleaning required as a result of a group’s negligence and will be subject to the loss of future reservation privileges.