DEI Action Team

The Division of Student Life Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Team will work to develop, guide, and advance DEI initiatives within the Division of Student Life. The team is charged with developing a Student Life DEI Action Plan; a plan that the division will be accountable to implement - marked by responsible parties, timelines, and measurable outcomes. The team is co-chaired by the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. Kimberly Moore, and the Associate Director of the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion, Dasha Harris.

Student Life Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Action Plan

Education and Training

Subcommittee Project Leads: Dan Darkow, Chair

Subcommittee Project Team: Leslie Haxby McNeill, Hannah Muldoon-Davis, Tyra Smith, Jose Jacobo, Claire Schoenfeld, and Mark Pontious

Goal #1: Develop peer-based education training programs
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Review other institutions' peer-based education programs High Completed
Task 2: Gather input from subcommittee/Action Team on program High Completed
Task 2.1: Discuss peer education program with partner offices High Completed
Task 3: Ownership of peer education program and proposal transferred to Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion (CSDI) High Completed
Task 4: Provide consultation on proposal phase with CSDI High Working 12/1/20 5/15/21
Task 5: Consult with CSDI on the implementation of training materials High Ongoing


GOAL #2: Create Student Life DEI values and goals statement to guide learning experiences across the division
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Review examples of values/goals/outcomes at other institutions High Completed
Task 2: Gather input from DEI Action Team and other Student Life sources regarding values/focus areas High Completed
Task 3: Draft list of values/outcomes High Completed
Task 4: Gather/incorporate feedback on drafted content High Completed
Task 5: Make the document official High Completed
Task 6: Publicize the document (e.g. Student Life websites)


Task 7: Advise divisional offices on aligning training opportunities with values/outcomes. High Working 5/1/21


GOAL #3: Outline a "map" of student DEI learning experiences/opportunities
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Draft list of current programs/efforts High Completed
Task 2: Benchmark similar content from other institutions High Completed
Task 3: Report/discuss with DEI Action Team and Student Life partners High Completed


GOAL #4: Create and Implement DEI learning/professional development opportunities for Divisional staff
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Benchmark similar content from other institutions Medium Completed
Task 2 Identify interest in scheduled recurring DEI professional development Medium Completed
Task 3: Identify appropriate space for DEI professional development implementation Medium Completed
Task 4: Identify topics of interest for spring 2021


Task 5: Curate relevant resources in different mediums on each topic


Task 6: Implement professional development sessions by Divisional Professional Development committee Medium Completed

Updated on April 22, 2021


Subcommittee Project Lead(s): Gabby Dralle & Christina Carrubba-Whetstine

Subcommittee Project Team: Kristen Edwards, Alex Butterfield, Inaara Ladha, and Carlos Rodriguez

GOAL #1: Evaluate and make recommendations for how Student Life employees enter and advance within the Miami University community with regards to DEI
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Audit Student Life onboarding processes and DEI expectations for new professional and graduate employees High Completed 10/9/20 1/31/21
Task 2: Partner with Miami Online staff to create a Canvas site to house a training/certification portal with both basic onboarding trainings and advancement opportunities High Working 3/4/21
Task 3: Work with Education/Training team and Professional Development divisional committee to identify standard or desired onboarding processes and training around DEI topics High Working 3/8/21
Task 4: Create an ownership structure for the Canvas site and develop a plan for holding employees accountable for completion High Pause
Task 5: Draft proposal for divisional leadership including mock Canvas site, training resources, ownership structure, and accountability measures High Working 5/1/21
Task 6: Upon approval, launch the site and announce to stakeholders High Pause


GOAL #2: Scaffolding students through bias reporting process
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Draft a support model for student bias reporting process High Completed 9/2/20 9/21/20
Task 2: Team review of draft High Completed 9/21/20 10/16/20
Task 3: Share proposed draft with Dean of Students to solicit feedback and suggestions High Completed 10/20/20 11/6/20
Task 4: Finalize support model High Completed 11/6/20 11/20/20
Task 5: Meet with campus partners High Working 11/6/20 2/28/21
Task 6: Develop marketing and communication materials High Working 11/20/20 4/30/21
Task 7: Develop training materials High Working 11/20/20 7/31/21
Task 8: Recruit and train staff volunteers High Working 1/11/21 7/31/21
Task 9: Communication push (i.e. newsletters, website, social media) High Working 4/1/21 08/31/21
Task 10: Launch support model for students High Pause 8/23/21


GOAL #3: Explore and Research Innovative Ideas about Higher Education Systems that are DEI focused
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Explore current research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at institutions of higher education with a systems focus Low Working 10/09/20
Task 2: Use research to develop new and additional goals to help transform Miami University systems related to DEI Low


GOAL #4: In collaboration with Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, make bias incident reporting more transparent
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Create a clear flow-chart of the various bias reporting processes High Completed
Task 2: Evaluate entry point (Miami website) into bias reporting High Completed
Task 3: Benchmark with other institutions' processes High Working 10/05/20 4/30/21
Task 4: Review previously collected student input on the current process High Completed 9/11/20 10/09/20
Task 5: Develop a statement to include on syllabi about bias reporting High Working 9/22/20 4/30/21
Task 6: Develop a plan for reporting out to the community, ultimately leading to a dashboard Medium Pause

Updated on May 14, 2021


Subcommittee Project Leads: Tiffany Harrison and Daisy Rodriguez

Subcommittee Project Team: Andy Obregon, Jose Jacobo, Jasmine Floyd, and Melati Devi

GOAL #1: Craft timely, appropriate and transparent responses to campus-wide updates & world news
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Create a working document to draft message with subcommittee High Ongoing 9/2/20 9/8/20
Task 2: Finalize text & share with DEI Action Team co-chairs High Working 9/8/20 9/11/20
Task 3: Make edits and send for approval by the VP of Student Life High Working 9/8/20 9/11/20
Task 4: Make edits and send back to subcommittee for final thoughts High Working 9/3/20 9/11/20
Task 5: Create graphics for social media
Task 6: Create sample text for social media, newsletters, websites, etc.


GOAL #2: Provide a communication request form for the DEI Action Team
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: View Student Life Communications example Moderate Working 9/2/20
Task 2: Draft form High Working 10/28/20
Task 3: Share with Action Team High Working 11/03/20
Task 4: Monitor form for new submissions Moderate Working


GOAL #3: Create social media campaign/content calendar
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Fill out idea document Moderate Working 9/3/20
Task 2: Research content calendar templates Moderate Working 9/3/20
Task 3: Schedule content
Task 4: Create content
Task 5: Create graphics
Task 6: Create social media toolkits
Task 7: Create Asana template and share with team High Working 10/23/20


GOAL #4: Audit Division of Student Life Department Websites
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Members sign up for departments to audit Low Working 9/2/20 10/15/20
Task 2: Look for excessive use of acronyms, gendered language, outdated photos and inaccessible information Low Working
Task 3: Look for (lack of) DEI resources/statements Low Working

Updated on October 29, 2020


Subcommittee Project Lead: Ann James

Subcommittee Project Team: Hannah Muldoon-Davis, Lili Daly, Scott Walter, John Ward, Asia Flores, and Cody Vandergrift

GOAL #1: Evaluate and develop support spaces for students and staff
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Identify existing support spaces on campus High Pause
Task 2: Identify areas that we need to create or what areas need to be improved High Pause
Task 3: Assess if existing spaces are representative of Miami's population High Pause
Task 4: Market existing and new spaces to students and staff High Pause
Task 5: Create and maintain staff affinity groups within Student Life High Completed 9/16/20 10/23/20
Task 6: Provide opportunities for students to speak openly and offer feedback (gaps, challenges, etc.) High Pause


GOAL #2: Identify, create, and assess DEI resources in all areas of Student Life
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Complete a Student Life DEI Audit High Working
Task 2: Give an opportunity to Directors to edit their DEI Action Plan Moderate Working
Task 3: Add DEI work to university Key Performance Indicators        
Task 4: Assess divisional spending on DEI efforts High In Progress    
Task 5: Provide support to areas within Student Life to help achieve goals and provide DEI efforts High Working    
Task 6: Create a diversity resources webpage on Miami's website in collaboration with Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Moderate Completed    
Task 7: Benchmark other institutions' resources Low Pause    


GOAL #3: Community care within Division of Student Life and City of Oxford ~ starting at "home base"
Action Priority Status Start End
Task 1: Assess how staff feel about "care" within Student Life High Pause
Task 2: Create an action plan to address issues brought up during Task 1


Task 3: Enact the action plan to shift culture surrounding community care of professionals in Student Life Moderate Pause
Task 4: Work with City of Oxford to identify affinity spaces in town for students, faculty, and staff Moderate Pause
Task 5: Identify areas in the City of Oxford for affordable housing and other resources for faculty and staff who want to live in Oxford Moderate Pause

Updated on May 7, 2021