Intern Schedule

The MU SCS Doctoral Psychology Internship begins August 1 and ends July 31.

The following will provide you a sample of internship schedules; dates will vary year to year, exact dates are provided at orientation.

Annual Schedule

Example annual schedule for MU SCS Health Service Psychology Doctoral Internship

Date(s) Description
August 1 - 17 Orientation
August 17 Fall Term Begins
November 26 - 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 - 8 Remote Finals Week
December 9 - 22 December Training
December 24 - January 1 Winter Break
January 2 - 25 Winter Term
January 4 - 15  Internship Interview Weeks
January 27 Spring Term Begins
March 25 - 31 Spring Break
May 13 - 17 Finals Week
May 20 - August 8 Summer Terms I - IV
July 17 - 30  Transition to New Intern Class

Weekly Schedule

Direct Service

Number of Hours per Week Description
3 hours Initial Consultations/Specialty Assessments
12 hours Individual Therapy
2 hours Group Therapy
17 hours Total Direct Service
Hours vary Emergency/Consultation


Number of Hours per Week Description
2 hours Individual Supervision
2 hours (every other week) Group Supervision of Individual Therapy
1 hour (every other week) Group Supervision of Group Therapy
2 hours Group Supervision of Supervision (fall)
2 hours Intern Supervision of Trainee (fall)
[2-4 hours] [Teaching/Supervision of Teaching - if relevant]


Number of Hours per Week Description
2 hours Intern Modules
2 hours Assessment Seminar (spring)
2 hours Professional Training
1.5 hours Clinical Staff Meeting
1 hour Senior Staff Meeting (Interns rotate)
1 hour Intern Meeting with Training Director


Number of Hours per Week Description
as arranged Dissertation, Job Search, Research
average 1 hour per week Outreach and Programming
4-5 hours Paperwork, Preparation

Total Time: Approximately 40-45 Hours