Eating Disorders Services

Initial consultation appointments with Student Counseling Services (SCS) for assessment of eating/body image-related concerns can be scheduled by calling 513-529-4634.

  • All SCS staff conduct 15-20 minute initial consultations
  • Student must call him/herself; family member or friend cannot make appointment
  • Friend, Residence Life staff, or family member may come with student to appointment
  • Treatment recommendations and referrals are discussed at end of an initial consultation

A more comprehensive evaluation may be recommended after the initial consultation appointment if additional assessment is required to determine treatment recommendations.

  • Short-term individual counseling or group counseling may be offered at SCS or student may be referred out
  • Eating disorder intervention is multifaceted and may mean working with several specialists. Referrals are routinely made for:
    • Medical monitoring – Tammy Gustin, RN, Becky Petraglia, or Dr. Susan Bantz, Miami University’s Student Health Service at 513-529-3000
    • Nutritional counseling - Lisa Swanson. RD or Nancy Schmidt, RD with McCullough-Hyde Hospital at 513-524-5555
  • SCS offers mandated/required eating/body image evaluations on an occasional case-by-case basis
  • SCS does not offer mandated/required counseling

Students must be voluntarily seeking services for themselves

  • Packets of relevant information for students with these concerns are available through SCS. These can be mailed out or picked up; they do not require an appointment be made.

Individual Psychotherapy

Evaluation is required before determining whether ongoing counseling services are available at SCS for students to assess the nature and severity of eating problems.

  • Students requiring longer-term counseling who have more severe concerns are typically referred to community therapists or to more intensive treatment services
  • At peak times of the academic year, ongoing counseling may not be available at SCS due to intense demand for services
  • Students may be referred out for services or be placed on SCS waitlist for services
  • Short-term individual counseling is available with various SCS counselors

First 3 sessions are free; thereafter sessions are $25 each and billed to Bursar account. Fee waivers and reductions are available as needed in case of financial hardship. 

Eating & Body/Self-Image Psychotherapy Group 

  • Offered at the beginning of every fall and spring semester
  • Free to full-time MU female-identified students only
  • Group includes 5 – 9 members and closes to new members after a few weeks
  • Group screening interview is required; contact SCS Coordinator of Women’s Services: Dr. Ashley Wilson at 529-4634
  • Eating disorder and body/self-image concerns prominent source of distress/impairment
  • Students may also be referred to other relevant SCS groups (e.g. BeYOUtiful Beings, Disordered Eating Support Group, Women’s Group)

Consultation to Friends/Family/Faculty/Coaches

SCS offers consultation services to those who are concerned about another student’s eating/weight/body image problems. 

  • Packets  of relevant information for concerned others are available through SCS. These can be mailed out or picked up; they do not require an appointment.
  • Students who are concerned about someone can call for phone consultation or make an initial evaluation appointment to discuss their concerns with a counselor at SCS
  • SCS offers guidelines on how to talk with someone about their eating problems through pamphlets or online resources.

Outreach Services

Presentations can be requested at any time through Student Counseling Service.

  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Young at 513-529-4634
  • Specifically tailored to meet the needs of particular groups

Presentations could contain psycho-educational content about eating/weight/body image and can be adapted to the requested length of program and number of attendees.

HAWKS peer educators also offer relevant programs. Contact Leslie Haxby-McNeill at 513-529-5047.