Initial Consultation

Scheduling in-person appointments 

How do I make an in-person initial consultation/first appointment?
Please try to be in a private and confidential space when calling to make the appointment. When you call (513-529-4634), state that you are interested in our therapy services. On this call, you will be asked for your Banner ID, first and last name, phone number, and have your schedule available to find an appropriate appointment time. 

If you consider this to be an Emergency situation, alert the administrative staff of this and be prepared to briefly speak regarding the nature of your concerns. If your concern is a medical emergency or regarding an immediate safety threat, please call 911, or visit the Local Emergency Department. 

What if I am uncomfortable calling?
You are also welcome to visit our office, and make an appointment via the administrative staff in person, between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Initial consultations cannot be made over email or by anyone other than yourself. 

What is an Initial Consultation?
The initial consultation is a 20-30 minute appointment to identify your problems and to explore how to best meet your needs. The counselor that you meet with will explore with you the various options available to you and will help you to make a decision among these options. 

How long does it take?
Be prepared to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete necessary paperwork. The meeting with the clinician will be about 20-30 minutes. 

What do I need to bring?

  • Banner ID
  • Schedule and available times
  • Mask
  • List of medications if applicable

 Questions I may be asked?

  • What brings you into SCS today?
  • Clarifications on demographic information 
  • Any previous therapy experiences?
  • Family history of mental health?
  • Concerns related to sleep, appetite, school, social relationships or substance use?
  • Any thoughts or plans about harming or killing yourself or others? 
  • What do you hope to get from therapy services?


Telebehavioral Health (TBH) Appointments: Q & A

What teletherapy or telebehavioral health (TBH) services are provided by SCS?
The teletherapy we currently provide at SCS is individual and/or group therapy through a live video connection.

What platform do you use for online services?
We use a platform called WebEx for online services.  You will receive a link via your email for each appointment that you will use to access the meeting for the appointment.  WebEx is free to you, but does require internet access to link to the video conference. You must be comfortable with this technology to engage in teletherapy. It’s also important to remember that technology has the potential for breakdowns and interruptions.

How much do the services cost?
The fee structure for teletherapy is the same as in-person services. Initial consultations are provided at no cost, and if individual therapy is recommended, the first three sessions are at no cost. The fourth session (and any additional sessions) are $25 and billed directly to a student’s bursar account.  You may apply for a fee reduction/waiver if cost is prohibitive to individual therapy services. Group therapy and workshops (i.e. webinars) provided by staff are provided at no cost. Mandated substance use assessment are $250.  There is a $25 no show fee for any session that is made but not canceled with 24 hours’ notice. 

Why do I need to attend a pre-screening before starting teletherapy?
The purpose of the screening is to review the things that you need to know before starting teletherapy and that are important in assessing the appropriateness of telehealth for your unique situation.

Am I eligible for teletherapy services at Miami Student Counseling Service?
Students must be physically located in the state of Ohio during all sessions and enrolled as a full-time Oxford campus student to receive the treatment. Phone consultation, case management, and referral information are accessible if the student does not meet the above criteria. Additional information about the Scope of Services for SCS is listed online. 

Can I video or audio record the sessions?
We will not be recording the sessions and we ask that students do the same by guaranteeing that they will not screenshot, video or audio record the sessions.

Can I do teletherapy anywhere?
We expect that you will be in the same location for each teletherapy session. Students must be physically located in the state of Ohio.  You will also be asked to verify your physical location/address at the beginning of each contact/appointment. You will need to find a secure location that allows for reasonable confidentiality. We can only guarantee privacy to the degree that you secure your own environment.

How might teletherapy feel different than in-person services?
Although this modality might feel different in a lot of ways than being with a clinician in person, we want to replicate the experience as much as possible. In order to do that, we ask that you think about the appointment as though you are physically with the therapist. This means, getting fully dressed, sitting up, looking directly in the camera and not having any distractions such as other screens open, open cellphones, etc. Depending on our concern about your privacy, your therapist may ask to see your space.

What are some reasons I might not qualify for teletherapy?
Students with concerns that are beyond the scope of service, who may be experiencing acute, ongoing safety concerns, or those for whom videoconferencing impede therapeutic progress are not well suited for teletherapy. 

Why do you require an emergency contact and the telephone number of my local police department?
To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants in teletherapy, we require the contact information of the police and an emergency contact should an emergency arise during treatment.  

I am eager to start teletherapy sessions, what is the next step?
Please call the SCS at 513-529-4634 and we will arrange for time to set up a brief pre-screening to answer additional questions, assess eligibility, and review teletherapy polices.

How much does counseling cost?

(Note: Fees may be requested to be reduced or waived due to financial hardships, inability to pay, etc.)

Sessions per Year Fee
Initial Consultation No Charge - Funded by general student fees
Individual Counseling Sessions: 1-3 Funded by general student fees
Individual Counseling Sessions: 4+ $25 each
Group Counseling / Workshops Funded by general student fees
Community Standards Mandated Substance Abuse Assessments $250 each
Dean of Students Mandated Anger Management $25 each
Attention Problem Screenings $25 each
RLC Planner $12 each
No Show Fee $25 each