The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion strives to educate the Miami community on topics surrounding race, identity, privilege, and more. Below are some of the current offerings:

Exploring Identity

This workshop is a basic introduction to identity. Participants will discuss how we define ourselves and how our identity affects not only us, but those around us. We will explore the factors that comprise our identity, how to best respect others’ identity and examine what privileges come with identity. This is a good workshop as an introduction to diversity, equity, and inclusion related topics. 


Microaggressions are everyday occurrences for some people, but for others, this a new concept. In this workshop, we learn about what microaggressions are, how they are harmful, and how to combat them when they occur. Participants will leave with a working understanding of the concept and should be able to identify them in order to prevent harming others. We suggest attending an identity workshop prior to this one. 

Race, Power, and Privilege

This training focuses on the three concepts of Race, Power, and Privilege as well as the relationship between the three. We explore the intersections of identity and how we can use our positions to help others or advocate for change. Key takeaways include: definitions for all three concepts, Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and strategies for using advocacy. We suggest attending the identity workshop and the microaggressions workshop prior to this one. 

To learn more or request a training, please contact D. Ellis Rates at