Medical Forms and Records

Incoming Students - Immunization Records

Be prepared to provide your required immunization records prior to August 1 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. 

International students do not need to submit the immunization form electronically by the deadline. Instead, they should bring documentation of their vaccine records to orientation.

Confidentiality of SHS Treatment Records

The medical record of treatment received at the Student Health Service (SHS) is considered confidential information and will only be released under specific conditions.

Students may initiate release of their medical information with the SHS staff. The release MUST be in writing; forms are available at the SHS. If students are away from campus, a signed authorization from the student patient is still necessary. Authorizations must include Name, Banner Identification Number, date last attended/or graduated from Miami, where the information should be sent, the student's signature and date. Authorizations dated more than three months prior to receipt will not be accepted. Faxed requests are acceptable at 513-529-1892.

In addition, Student Health Service staff may not discuss the patient’s records with others, including family members, without proper authorization from the student.

Student Health Records are retained in the Medical Records Department for a total of seven years (in addition to current year from date of last entry), after which time the records will be destroyed.