Miami Strengths Project

Miami Strengths

There are several ways to discover your Top 5 Strengths with the CliftonStrengths Assessment. To access your CliftonStrengths for Students account, log on to the page and locate your Insight Report as well as additional resources to continue to build strength into leadership.

Attend the Perlmutter Leadership Conference

The Perlmutter Leadership Conference is an annual, Strengths-based conference for 150 students where activities and discussions are facilitated to help explore natural talents and strengths. Students can attend as indiviudals or as part of a group.

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Request a workshop for your group/team/staff

Workshops are intended to build teamwork and educate each other on what each member brings to the group with similar goals or purpose.

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One-on-One Coaching

Our CliftonStrengths One-on-One Coaching Sessions are designed to individualize the Strengths experience beyond our workshops and Strengths-Based Conference. We have an array of coaches that range from certified Strengths Coaches, Peer Coaches, and Strengths Trained individuals that will assist you in understanding your themes, applying them, and setting goals to continue to strengthen your leadership with CliftonStrengths as a tool.

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