Strengths Coaches

Gallup Certified Coaches

Dr. Eric Buller

Year Certified: 2016

Strengths Coaching Experience and Interest Areas: Dr. Buller introduced Clifton Strengths to the Wilks Leadership Institute in 2012 and the Institute has been doing campus workshops for students, staff and faculty ever since.  He believes firmly in the concept of using Strengths to “lead the life well-lived” (Don Clifton) by focusing on our talents.  He specifically enjoys working with athletes and currently has meaningful engagements with five Miami intercollegiate teams, using Strengths to improve communication, commitment and role identification.  Additionally, he coaches high school students and organizational leaders as an Executive Associate in the Intrepid Leadership Group. 

Top 5 Signature Themes: Responsibility - Consistency - Harmony - Significance - Deliberative

Favorite Strengths Quote: “The single greatest strength is uncovering talent in others.”  -- Tom Rath

Dr. Megan Gerhardt

Year Certified: 2014

Strengths Coaching Experience and Interest Areas: Dr. Gerhardt has been working with students and business professionals on strengths based development since 2009, inspired by the premise that effective leadership takes a different shape for each person. As co-director of the Center for Business Leadership, she works with students to explore how they can be most effective in current and future leadership roles through intensive labs and one-on-one coaching. As a leadership development consultant (The Gerhardt Group) she works regularly with Miami faculty and staff as well as industry professionals delivering regular strengths-based development workshops. 

Top 5 Signature Themes: Ideation - Intellection - Input - Strategic - Learner

Favorite Strengths Quote: "If you try to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything." -- Tom Rath

Dr. Jennifer Yamashiro

Year Certified: 2018

Strengths Coaching Experience and Interest Areas: Higher Education: Honors Students, STudent Groups, Academic Units, and Administrative Units on Miami Regionals

Top 5 Signature Themes: Learner - Achiever - Context - Intellection - Positivity

Favorite Strengths Quote: "A life unexamined is not worth living." -- Plato

Courtney Wallace

Year Certified: 2018

Top 5 Signature Themes: Input - Learner - Discipline - Restorative - Consistency


Student Project Coordinators

Cassidy Hemm

Top 5 Signature Themes: Restorative - Individualization - Significance - Discipline - Command

Carolyn Scully 

Top 5 Signature Themes: Futuristic - Individualization - Communication - Significance - Restorative

Jessica von Zastrow 

Top 5 Signature Themes: Learner - Woo - Communication - Achiever - Futuristic