Marketing and Communications Approved Freelancers

To provide the Miami community the resources needed to use the university’s brand effectively and establish brand consistency across all divisions, University Communications and Marketing has partnered with Purchasing and Human Resources to launch a UCM Approved Freelancer Request for Information (RFI) form.

All marketing and communications freelancers or independent contractors that are interested in working with the university must submit an application through the RFI process.

Individual divisions or departments will no longer create or approve freelancer contracts.

Freelancer Process:

  1. Review the RFI
  2. If you're interested in performing freelance marketing and communications services for Miami and you feel you meet the qualifications listed in the RFI, submit your response to
  3. UCM will review all responses. You will be notified if your response has been approved or denied.
  4. If approved by UCM and the freelancer is an individual, the response will be submitted to Human Resources through the Determination of Service form and the Prospective Service Provider form to ensure the freelancer meets the qualifications of an independent contractor. These forms can be submitted at the same time.
    • Freelancers cannot serve as Miami employees in the same calendar year.
    • Freelancers who are companies can skip this step.
  5. If approved by HR, the following steps will be taken to draft an agreement based on if the freelancer is an individual or a company. The term of the agreement will be three years.
    • Individuals: A professional services agreement will be created and shared with you by UCM.
      • In addition to completing the Agreement, you will need to submit a completed W-9 and OPERS form to UCM.
    • Companies: An MU Services Agreement will be created and shared with you by UCM.
      • In addition to completing the Agreement, you will need to submit a completed W-9.
  6. Once the agreement has been executed, you will be set up as a vendor in the university’s accounts payable system.
    • In order to complete the setup, your W-9 will be submitted to accounts payable.
  7. After you’ve been established as a vendor in the accounts payable system, you will be added to the official UCM approved freelancer list and your contract rate will be posted.  This list is made public so that the university community can contact you for their marketing and communications needs.

All current, independent contractor agreements, as of December 2021, will be honored through the end of the term. Upon the expiration of the current term, the freelancer will need to complete the RFI process.