Staff Directory

Jaime Hunt
VP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Leads the University Communications Forum.

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Academic Marketing and Communications

Nate Jorgensen
Senior Director of Academic Marketing and Communications
Jason Barone
Director of Communication for the College of Arts and Science
Jeni Barton
Director of Marketing and Communications for the College of Creative Arts
Carole Johnson
Director of Communications for the College of Engineering and Computing
Tracy Miller
Associate Director for the Regional Campuses
Ruth Orth
Director of Communications for the Regional Campuses
Addie Rosenthal
Senior Director of Communications for the Farmer School of Business

Erin Von Bergen
Director of Communications and Marketing for the College of Education, Health and Society

Brand Strategy and Licensing

Laura Driscoll
Director of Brand Management and Marketing Strategy, Interim Creative Director

Todd Pashak
Marketing Analyst

Client Relations and Operations

Barb Maccombs
Director of UCM, Client Relations and Operations

Tracey Clark
Project Manager

Lori Osterberger
Administrative Assistant

Ghilia Smith
Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Stanifer
Administrative Assistant

Content Strategy

Jon Simon
Director of Content Strategy

Alicia Auhagen

Enrollment Marketing and Communications

Cathy Heinz
Senior Director

Ellen Blevens
Senior Assistant Director

Nikki Ferrell
Manager of Communications and Marketing for E-Campus

Danielle Hinckley
Associate Director

Kristal Humphrey
Assistant Director
Zachary Vineyard
Director of Enrollment Marketing Technology

Executive Communications

Ashlea Jones
Director of Executive Communications


Christian Ponce
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Creative Services Team

John Rizzo
Creative Director

Kenzie Bryant
Graphic Design Specialist
Zachary Burnett
Video and Web Content Manager

Paige Hake
Graphic Designer

Scott Kissell
Senior Photographer

Michael Mattingly
Art Director

Ian McCue
Video Production Supervisor

Melissa McManis
Graphic Designer

Belinda Rutherford
Senior Graphic Designer

Jeff Sabo
Director of Photographic Services

Rachel Shellcroft
Senior Graphic Designer

Jessica Staubach
Web and Print Design Specialist

Adam Wolfe
Graphic Designer

Digital Marketing and Social Media Team

Director of Digital Marketing

Gerod Harder
Assistant Director of Social Media

Social Media Content Specialist

Web Marketing Team

Jessica Rea
Director of Web Marketing

Rachel Brown
Digital Marketing Content Specialist
David Jones
Web Applications Developer

Rachel Kelly
Web Content Specialist

Chiaping Lin
Web Development Specialist

Erik Seyferth
Web Development Specialist

Web Communications Specialist

News and Media Relations

Jessica Rivinius
Senior Director of University News and Communications

Margo Kissell
Senior Writer and Editor

James Loy

Susan Meikle
News Writer/Editor

Jay Murdock
Marketing Coordinator