Graduate Students

Zoey Armstrong, BS Biological Science, Miami University, 2019.
Modelling Distributions of Cantharellus formosus using Natural History and Citizen Science data.

Fain, Justin, BA Urban & Regional Planning, Miami University, 2019.

Tessa Farthing, BS Biological Science, University of Dayton, 2019.
Impact of a Forested State Park Buffer on Nutrient Dynamics in an Agriculturally-Dominated Watershed in Southwest Ohio.

Owen Larson, BS Environmental Science, Portland State University, 2016.

Connor O'Hearn, BS Business, Miami University, 2015.
Precision Agriculture GIS for Monarch Coffee in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.

Eileen Rintsch, BS Zoology & BA Environmental Science, Miami University, 2018.
Effect of a Forested State Park on Suspended Solids and Dissolved Organic Carbon concentrations in an Agriculturally Impacted SW Ohio Watershed.

Lauren Sandeman, MA Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2016.
The Racialised Impacts of Education Reform on Bronzeville: An Analysis of Chicago's 'Renaissance 2010' School Choice Policy on Educational Opportunities for African Americans.

Kennen Sparks, BA International Studies, Utah State University, 2019.

Jessica Stoyko, BS Biological Science, Miami University, 2019.
What best explains willingness of private residents to plant pollinator beneficial plants: lifestyle, the luxury effect, or population density?

Gregory Treiman, BA Geography, Middlebury College, 2019