Your Career in Music

A music therapist plays guitar for a smiling child as another woman looks on
A man operates a soundboard
An elegantly attired violin soloist sweeps the bow high off the strings while the orchestra plays behind her
Woman holding her fingers to the sides of her headphones speaks into a broadcast microphone
 A snippet of piano sheet music

What can I do with a major in Music?


Orchestras: Philharmonic, Symphony, Chamber
Armed Forces Bands & Orchestras
Small Ensembles
Rock or Jazz Bands
Dance Bands
Concert Soloist
Clubs and Restaurants
Opera Companies
Regional Theatres & Festivals
Recording Industry
Radio, Television, & Film Industries
Cruise Lines
Amusement Parks


Teaching Artist
University Professor
K-12 Music Teacher


Music & Program Direction
On-Air Performance
Voice Overs
Copyright-Clearance Administration
Music License Administration
Music Editing & Production
Sound Mixing
Post Production

Behind the Scenes

Audio Technician
Boom Operator
Music Video Producer
Recording Engineer
Rerecording Mixer
Sound Engineer
Sound Technician
Stage Manager


Record Companies
Music Publishers
Film & TV Industries
Production Companies
Ballet Troupes

Music Librarian

Colleges & Universities
Public Libraries
Radio & TV Stations
Film Industry

Music Therapy

Special Education Facilities
Mental Health Centers
Nursing Homes & Senior Centers
Rehabilitation Centers
Correctional Facilities

Music Industry-Business

Music Journalism
Entertainment Law
Publishing & Editing
Talent Acquisition
Artist-Talent Representation
Promotion-Media Relations
Product Management
Business Management
Retail Sales

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Student Stories

More than a Music School

Steele Fitzwater

When I was searching for a school, I wanted to find a place that fostered my growth as both a performer and as a person—Miami University is that place. The Vocal Performance program has taught me how to find a second home on stage, making me the singer I am today. I constantly receive one-on-one training from faculty and staff, and I am always encouraged to pursue other interests and to follow my dreams.

This nurturing environment helped lead me to find my love of fashion, allowing me to become the president of Miami University Fashion & Design, one of my proudest accomplishments. I will always be proud to be a alum of this institution.

Steele Fitzwater, Class of 2018
Music Performance major
Fashion Design minor

Alumni Stories

A Foundation in Liberal Arts

Micah Ewing

My experience at Miami provided me with both a deep and diverse foundation of knowledge and skills. As a result, when I graduated I was well prepared for a career teaching music and for graduate study. I found Miami's overarching philosophy of liberal arts education to be a powerful force in guiding the curriculum and instruction in the Department of Music. Through my experiences in music education, history, and theory courses, as well as in ensemble rehearsals and private studio, there was an interconnectedness of the content and instruction that made it all relevant and alive.

The professors motivated and challenged me to be a better student and in turn a better teacher. Their passion for their art and their students was, and continues to be, an inspiration for my work as a teaching artist.

Micah Ewing, Class of 1996
Supervisor of Music, Sycamore Community Schools, Cincinnati

From Oxford to New York

Dan Levy

My degree made my professional life possible. Coming out of undergrad lessons and ensembles, being able to play at a high level, opened the door to all kinds of bass and guitar gigs over the years. And the way students were creating original musicals and other productions down in Studio 88 became a blueprint for my own work in theatre and opera. I've been able to work side by side with great artists from Yale and Brown and Juilliard, and I think that's evidence of the fabulous foundation that Miami gave me for music and theatre.

My professors made sure that I came away from Miami with confidence in my ability to make a life as an artist. That forward motion has led to entrepreneurship and innovation in schools as well as in serving my community--work that is very close to my heart.

Daniel Levy, Class of 1984
Composer and Performer