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Comparing US and European School Systems
The Comparing US and European School Systems program gives students classroom experience, allowing them to observe classrooms related to their area of study and to analyze the similarities and differences between education in other parts of the world.
Education Abroad welcomes new associate director
The Global Initiatives office would like to extend a warm welcome to Peter Maribei, who began work last week as the associate director for education abroad. Maribei was born in Kenya and has spent much of his life working with students and helping them develop skills related to international education.
Major Insight Episode 12 Uncovering the Truth Behind Over-the-Counter Drug Laws
Featured Majors: Political Science, Business Management
Major Insight Episode 11 : How Borders Affect Our Perception of the World
Featured Majors: History, Arabic, Middle East and Islamic Studies
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Italy
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Gianmarco Imseih Petrelli, a junior IMS & entrepreneurship major studying in Rome, Italy this semester with the CIEE Rome Open Campus Program.
Major Insight Episode 10 : Saving all Species from Extinction with Environmental Science
Featured Majors: Environmental Earth Science, Environmental Science, Sustainability, Geographic Information Science
Beyond the Chateau Walls: Isabella Tersigni and European Capital Partners
Finance Major Isabella Tersigni has gone beyond the Ch√Ęteau Walls during her semester at MUDEC to intern at a local boutique Asset Management company, European Capital Partners
International Education Week draws 300 Miami students with series of intercultural activities and events
From Nov. 14-22, Miami University celebrated International Education Week, which coincided with the acceptance of the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization.
7 Summer Programs Abroad for all Majors
Are you considering studying abroad over the summer but not sure which program is right for you? We've compiled a list of 7 programs students from any major can participate in.